Teaching Piano


Teaching Piano with Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel has become the number one choice for piano teachers and universities around the world. Here we will guide you through what you need to know to make teaching piano more fun, more effective, and even more profitable for your organization.

Why Teach Piano With Technology?

There are many teachers out there who feel comfortable with teaching piano the way that they were taught. There is just one problem with that. The reason that most teachers ever reached a high skill level on the piano is because they are exceptional. If you are a piano teacher you were almost certainly a great student (at least at some point in your life). The average student however may not have the same aptitude to learning music as their teachers were when they were students. So after a year or two of lessons the traditional teaching methods wear down the average students interests as the difficulty becomes too much and all of the sudden, the student quits and takes up volleyball. If you have taught piano for more than a few years you know exactly what we mean here. This is where Piano Marvel comes in and saves the day.

  • -Students who practice regularly with Piano Marvel progress 4 to 8 times faster
  • -Keep student motivation high and momentum consistant
  • -Instant feedback allows students to correct their own note and rhythm mistakes
  • -Progress tracking keeps students working to earn that next benchmark
  • -Reports allow teachers to know how and what their students are practicing at any time
  • -Allows teachers more time to work on musicality and less time on the mechanics of playing the piano

How do I start?

You can start using Piano Marvel with your studio school or university right away for free! Just follow these easy steps.

  • 1. Create your own free teacher account to Piano Marvel at this link
  • 2. Have your students also create their free Piano Marvel account at the same link
  • 3. Link your students to your teacher account. Watch this video for instructions
  • 4. Contact Piano Marvel for free training sessions! Click here to contact us.
  • Once you have completed the steps above get ready to have your teaching world rocked! We are confident that you will be thrilled with the results that you see with your students!