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Piano Video Lessons
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Watch the video to see how to find and play piano lesson videos in Piano Marvel.
Piano Lessons Made Simple

On your journey to learn to play piano, there are many skills that are better learned through watching. That is why we have put together over 300 training videos that go along with the Piano Marvel lessons and songs. Songs and exercises that include a lesson video will have a video link just below the song title in the music view.

Watch and Learn

Not all video lessons are created equal. Have you ever read a book and thought after, “They could have said all that in half as many words!”

While many video music lessons spend lots of time with unnecessary fluff to make their videos longer and seem more important, Piano Marvel gets straight to the point. Many of Piano Marvel’s lesson videos are only 1 minute or less, telling you what you need to know at the moment you need to know it. You’ll spend less time watching and more time playing music.

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How To Videos

You can also check out dozens of additional “how to” videos that will show you how to use all of the amazing learning tools in Piano Marvel. Simply login to your account and select the “How To Videos” link at the top of the dashboard.

New Videos

Piano Marvel has an ever-growing number of video lessons to accompany songs and exercises. We also periodically update our videos to showcase the newest Piano Marvel features. You can always see our latest videos on our YouTube channel or on our Facebook page.

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