"I have children using Piano Marvel. They used to watch television a couple of hours each night. It is amazing for me to see them spending that time practicing the piano."

—Betty Golly

"Piano Marvel is an outstanding tool for any professional piano teacher. It is the main focus of my Piano Lab where students go after their private lessons with me. My students' rhythmic accuracy and sight reading has gone through the roof. Students are excited with the challenge of going from 70-80-90-100% score on a new piece. They don't want to stop until they get that TOP score. What an ingenius computer GAME that inspires repeated practice to PERFECT a piece before going to a new piece."

—Cheryl Norman

President - Utah Music Teachers Association (2004-2006)
MTNA – Southwest Division--National Certification Commission (2007-2010)
Adjunct Instructor of Piano - Brigham Young University (1993-2004)
MTNA National Certification Commission 2007-2010
MTNA National Board of Directors 2012-2014
MTNA Foundation Fellow Award 2014

"I am really enjoying the program, and the kids are doing well with the program, using it in in class... Next year I think I am going to make enrollment in Piano Marvel mandatory for all my students. It is a huge step up in my teaching.... I will continue to use the program and encourage students to participate."

—Kathleen Whiteside

"Piano Marvel solves one of the biggest time-wasters in lessons - that is, having to correct wrong notes and rhythms from a week of inaccurate practice. It's their at-home coach, highlighting their mistakes so they can be readily corrected. My students are now learning faster and playing with much more confidence than before."

—Terry A. Smith

"EVERY piano teacher needs to use this program! The students that are using this are moving much faster, playing much more accurately, and having more fun than the parents or I could have imagined! It is amazing to hear how the parents have to force some of them to ‘come away from the piano and do something else!’ - I love it! It is the BEST TEACHING TOOL available!."

—Nina Black
(Congratulations on sending another student to Julliard Nina!) -Piano Marvel Team

"In 30 years of teaching, there is nothing that I have seen that compares with PIano Marvel! It is the most all encompassing method I have used."

—Evelyn Billberg

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