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Play Mode
play mode demonstration
Watch the video to see how Play Mode helps you practice the piano without the mistakes!
No More Practicing Mistakes

Play Mode allows you to discover small mistakes that you make when you practice the piano. These mistakes normally go unnoticed until someone points them out. With red and green markings indicating what you played correctly and incorrectly you’ll be able to practice mistake free. It’s like having a guide to help you practice at all times.

Assessment & Learning Combine

Piano Marvel’s assessment technology naturally guides you to perform music with a very high level of note and rhythm accuracy. This is done through many sophisticated “micro-assessments” that are performed every time you practice music in Play Mode. By learning to play accurately from the beginning, you will be well on your way to learning to play the songs you love faster!

play mode demonstration
play mode demonstration
What Does Piano Marvel Assess?

Piano Marvel primarily assesses note accuracy and rhythm accuracy. This sometimes brings up the question. “Should Piano Marvel assess dynamics, articulation and other expressive musical elements?” The short answer is “No.”

People are naturally very artistic and expressive while computers are very literal. Piano Marvel takes advantage of the many ways in which computer technology is best suited to help learn to play the piano. The Practice Mode is a great way to practice playing more expressively with Piano Marvel.

You will naturally learn many musically expressive techniques in Piano Marvel through watching the video tutorials and playing along with the musical accompaniments. We recommend that serious piano learners also work with a piano teacher to master the art form of musical expression. You can find a Piano Marvel Certified piano teacher here.

Get Scores on Performances

One of the best parts of Piano Marvel’s Play Mode is getting scored on your performances. The score represents the note and rhythm accuracy of your entire performance. You will earn awards in Piano Marvel for reaching higher and higher accuracy!

  • 80% accuracy earns a bronze medal
  • 90% accuracy earns a silver medal
  • 96% accuracy earns a gold medal
  • 100% accuracy earns a super gold medal

In Play Mode, you can practice a song or exercise over and over again to see how high you can score.

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