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Join us Friday and Saturday, June 21 & 22, 2024, at the Hampton Inn and Suites (Salt Lake City Airport) for a weekend of incredible instruction, workshops, and entertainment. As if that weren't enough, there will also be several new Piano Marvel features revealed that have been years in the making and will help revolutionize the way you teach! What are you waiting for?! Sign up before April to take advantage of early-bird discounts!

Choose from thousands of methods & repertoire pieces to play for all levels!
NEW! Including popular titles from Hal Leonard, Alfred, and FJH Music Company publishers!

Dr. Joshua Wright
Dr. Joshua Wright
University of Utah piano faculty, Founder of ProPractice Piano Academy and Josh Wright Piano TV
Piano Marvel is an incredible resource for improving sight reading, but it is so much more than that. It challenges students in a motivating and interactive environment by assessing your current level and helping you set achievable and realistic goals.
Nina Martinez
Nina Martinez
Piano & Music Theory Instructor
Piano Marvel has been the perfect recital tool to help my students learn, practice, and perfect their performance pieces. I also use it regularly to upload my own arrangements and students love it!
Dr. Jared Pierce
Dr. Jared Pierce
Coordinator of Group Piano Studies, BYU
Piano Marvel has been a godsend for my group piano classes at BYU. My students love being able to track their own progress and receive instant feedback on their work.
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The revolutionary new feature in Piano Marvel that makes teaching new music to students faster and easier!
With the help of Practice Mode, which waits for you to play, your students can begin working through notes and rhythms at their own pace. We all learn at different speeds, and piano teaching software aids in the learning curve.
Our piano teaching software also features hundreds of high-quality video lessons to guide students as they learn. Some of us have an easier time learning new chords and memorizing notes by watching a tutorial. Plus, with our app that teaches you piano, students will always have full access to these incredible piano teaching tools.
Every song in our software offers this great option; to access it, your students simply need to look for the video lessons just below the title of the song in the music view!
Sight reading practice and assessment is easy with the SASR included in our software for piano teachers.
The SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading) is a piano sight reading test that doubles as a sight reading practice tool! Make sight reading fun for students with Piano Marvel's highly interactive and adaptive sight reading challenge. Knowing how to read notes is a vital part of playing piano and most learn best through doing—our piano teaching app allows for just that. Find out what your sight reading score is today!
Practicing in Play Mode takes all the headache out of teaching.
Lessons are more fun when students are prepared! Play Mode in Piano Marvel gives detailed feedback to the students as they practice. This allows them to quickly correct their own note and rhythm mistakes on their own! By utilizing our piano teaching apps for iPads and PCs, you can focus on teaching music instead of notes and rhythms!
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Access all of our teacher training courses, including basic certification, advanced certification, and group piano specific certification. Learn the ropes in a fast, efficient way and with personalized help from our team.
Learn proper piano technique with powerful learning tools!
  • Over 25,000 songs and exercises
  • Hundreds of lesson videos
  • SASR sight reading training & tests
  • Instant feedback on your performances
  • Automatic progress tracking
  • Practice modes
  • Note hinting, and much more