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The Top 5 Reasons To Select A Piano Learning App

By Lindsay Johnson

The Power of Music to Inspire

Music holds the dynamism of igniting a fire in a sluggish mind and also the virtues of soothing a chaotic mind. It naturally forms a link with one’s emotions and recollections. Hence, unknowingly it becomes an integral part of our personality as well as our soul. Learning how to play an instrument and understanding the intricacies of music rejuvenates that part of one’s being. 

When it comes to learning anything, let alone learning piano, every one of us has a unique aptitude and learning speed that can make the traditional piano learning experience lengthy and costly. No matter how much a person wants to know, time mainly stands between us and the achievement of our dreams. As life goes on, we get a broader perspective on most things and start holding small things near our hearts. Learning to play an instrument may seem trivial to some, but it may be a source of fun and pride to others; it renders a subtle bliss of achieving something that gave you joy, but you had to abandon it due to unavoidable reason. Between maintaining a balance between family, friends, career, etc., we start losing time and are left with a few things to cherish in old age. Though living through a pandemic is highly stressful, it has given people a vivid idea of what matters. With a more significant time in hand, people want to reconnect with their hobbies, learning or re-learning to play the piano.

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Piano And Games

According to research, many players involved in other games like chess are engaged in playing music, particularly the piano, as both chess and piano are mathematically linked and make minds sharp. Amidst the dangers of COVID-19 and strict social distancing requirements, it was impossible to take in-person lessons. Some still prefer to continue online lessons now, so people have turned towards mobile applications for this purpose. Some chess learning apps also feature piano learning. However, it is necessary to see a few things with myriads of applications available while selecting a piano learning app. Pianomarvel is one of these apps, and it is helping millions of people learn piano in the comfort of their homes.


It is a no-brainer that one of the most critical factors for selecting an application is the expense it comes with. So, one must look for free trials (if they are offered) and also look for the most price-efficient app whereby one can get the most benefit for the minimum price asked.


Another important deciding factor is the ease of use. If an application is too complex and does not guide the beginners through the steps involved, then a lot of time shall get wasted, and the user shall get exhausted in no time without achieving any goal.

Piano Marvel in-app keyboard


It is essential to know what features the selected application offers and if they are improved with time. The chosen app. must offer an assortment of tools that make the learning experience easy, engaging, and joyful. Concise tutorial videos must also be available and should cater to all persons, whether beginners or experienced players wishing to brush up on their piano playing skills. An in-app keyboard and sheet music are some of the must-have features. A real-time evaluation of one’s playing also helps build and hone skills with ease while offering a satisfying user experience. The interface of the application should be simple so that people of all ages can benefit.

Music Selection

If an application only offers classical songs to play, most of the younger members would find it boring. Therefore, the selected application should offer various contemporary and classical pieces to appeal to a broader range of target users. The best-rated applications provide songs and music that is relevant and meaningful to their target user.

Who Is the Target User?

Ideally, an application should benefit everyone regardless of their age or skill level, and most applications available on the market are designed keeping this thing in mind. The interactive guidelines and step-by-step tutorials have benefitted several users. Some applications for kids even guise musical notes as the characters of stories and offer games related to learning to enhance the interest of the young ones. Piano Marvel offers a lot in all of these areas and is a great app for learning to play the piano on your own or with a teacher.

In a nutshell, if one wishes to learn how to play the piano, then it does not matter what the applications have to offer, but it is the sheer wish to reconnect with a lost hobby or to have something to cherish and be proud of in old age!

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