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Whether you’re beginning your piano journey or you’re an experienced pianist, choosing the right piano piece can be a daunting task. Sometimes you choose a piece, start learning, and realize it’s way too hard. Other times, you realize it’s just not as exciting as you thought it would be. Either way, you end up burning out and never finishing the piece. The key is to choose a piece that’s the right level, a relatively quick learn, and exciting and fun to play. Even with that knowledge, it can be hard to know which pieces have all those factors, so we want to make this as simple as possible.


Every week, we highlight at least one new piece in the Piano Marvel Library that has all of these factors as the Song of the Week. These are the songs that have all the ingredients for an easy to learn, fun piece that won’t let you burn out. Whenever possible, we choose songs that have several arrangements for different skill levels, so you can pick the option that best fits your current ability. Usually, you should choose a level that’s a couple of levels higher than the level you’re reading at. It should challenge you, but not be so far out of your league that it becomes frustrating. With consistent, daily practice, you should be able to finish a SOW in one to two weeks. 

Aaron giving little boy a piano lesson

Many of the SOW are written by Aaron Garner, the creator of Piano Marvel. His personal philosophy is to create songs that are deceptively easy. Many new students feel like they need to hit some invisible benchmark before they’re allowed to start learning fun songs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Learning a performance piece is one of the best ways to learn a lot of important lessons in a short amount of time. That’s why Aaron writes an easy, intermediate, and advanced version of every piece- so everyone can enjoy playing the SOW. He also includes duet or ensemble versions, so friends and family can have fun playing together!


To find the current SOW and a list of all previous SOW, log into your Piano Marvel account and go to the Library.

Learn to play songs Piano Marvel Dashboard 

The very first song displayed is the current SOW, and the second is a book including all of the previous SOW. 

Song Of The Week in Piano Marvel Music Library

Just add the song to your favorites by clicking on the heart in the top left corner. Then, start learning with the Practice feature, which splits the song up into bite-sized sections to help you learn more quickly and avoid frustration.

Under The Sleepy Willow as Song Of The Week 


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