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How to Record Yourself Playing the Piano

Lights, Cameras, and Music

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If you’ve got great music skills, you can potentially earn money by sharing your videos online. Case in point: the top ten YouTube channels have garnered as much as $15 million to $29.5 million in revenue last year. As the number of monthly active users continues to rise, YouTubers can earn more potential revenue by sharing amazing content on the platform.


Similarly, your talent can get recognized if you share recordings of yourself playing the piano. You can even try different song arrangements based on your skill set through the Piano Marvel Library. This feature allows you to play songs that fit your current ability, so your potential viewers can enjoy the best you have to offer. But to maximize their viewing and listening experience, here are some other things you should prepare:


Choose a high-quality camera


A good camera is an important investment, especially if you want to be recognized as a professional piano player. Though you can get the job done by capturing videos on a phone, a good camera can offer better video resolution, accurate colors, and an overall better end product. Mirrorless cameras are great for vlogs or even just regular videos because they produce superb video quality despite having a smaller and lighter body. For instance, the Sony Alpha a6600 mirrorless camera can record UHD 4K videos, offer enhanced zebra function, and provide better image stabilization. Another great option is the Nikon Z5 Full-Frame mirrorless camera, which offers 4K UHD video, greater detail accuracy, and clean low-light recordings. Through these cameras, families, friends, and other viewers can fully witness your technique as a piano player.


Record the sound with an external mic


Your viewers cannot fully appreciate your talent unless they hear the crisp and clear sound of your music. That said, a good microphone eliminates background noise so your viewers can focus solely on the songs you’re playing. There are two main microphone types to choose from, so you need to consider the right sensitivity levels and tonal characteristics for your recordings. To illustrate, condenser microphones are best for piano players recording in a controlled environment since they have a high sensitivity level that can pick up lots of external details. Meanwhile, dynamic microphones are chosen for recording audio with higher amplitude since they can amplify sound without creating internal distortion. You can also purchase an external camera microphone to improve your videos' audio quality instantly.


Consider the best light sources


Even if you’re camera-shy, your viewers need to see the video's subject clearly. As a general rule, natural lighting is almost always better than artificial lighting, so try to sit by a big window. This ensures that the color temperatures and light distribution will be even in front of the camera.


However, if you want more consistent results, it's best to invest in artificial light sources. These will allow continuous recording even during less than ideal weather conditions. Artificial lighting sources, like ring lights or even softbox lights, ensure that the show can go on regardless of the time of day or weather. When choosing a lighting source, try to opt for one that isn't too concentrated or uneven as it may interfere with the camera's focus and mess up the colors. You should also be careful about positioning, as glare could make for a poor recording (and viewing) experience.


Achieve quality playing now


Whether you're recording for YouTube or your loved ones, it's important that you provide an enjoyable viewer experience. You can ensure that your viewers will enjoy your video's sound and visuals by investing in a high-quality camera, an external mic, and a reliable lighting source. You can even make the most out of these tools by learning how to create professional performances and tutorial videos through Piano Marvel's 9-part webinar. This series will teach you how to utilize your lighting, audio, and visual tools to create professional-quality piano productions.


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