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Learn Easy Piano Songs in Piano Marvel

A quick guide to finding simple piano sheet music.

Young girl learning to play the piano.

About My Journey

There are a few people out there who, like me, dabbled in piano lessons as a kid, but didn’t practice, which probably led your parents to stop paying for lessons. I really did want to be able to sit down and play beautiful music on the piano, but swinging over ponds and exploring forests with my siblings and cousins was so much more exciting! Now that I’m an adult, I really do wish I had been more dedicated to practicing the piano. I even continued to play the few easy piano songs I remembered from my two short stints of piano lessons well into adulthood just because I could. I even remembered where middle C was and could play simple songs as long as both thumbs were on middle C and I only had to use the four notes on either side of my thumbs! Sadly, that limited my playing repertoire quite a bit. It occurred to me a few months ago that if I had just taken 15 minutes a day to practice and a few lessons I could be playing simple hymns at church and other fun songs. I have access to the best practice tools available and have neglected to take advantage of them! Now is the time and I have jumped in! There are many features in the Piano Marvel software that are helpful in finding and learning easy piano songs.


My Secret to Finding the Perfect Songs

One of the things I like best about Piano Marvel is the ease at which I can find easy piano songs to learn. All of the songs in the extensive library are marked by level. To get to the library, click on the “Library” tab in the app. Check the green box halfway down on the left side of the page labeled “Beginner”. This option sorts the Library into songs that are mostly Levels 1-3 with a few Level 4 and 5 songs. The Piano Marvel team does a great job of leveling the songs appropriately. As you search the Library in the Beginner section click on the plus sign at the top left corner of the song. It will ask if you want to add the song to your favorites. Click yes, then click on the thumbnail of the song and it will open in the software where you can begin practicing. 

Easy songs in the Piano Marvel music library

Learning Tools That Make the Difference

The songs in the Method and Technique tabs start out very easy for beginning students in Level 1A and build up to advanced, Level 6E. The program starts out teaching rhythm and notes in the middle C position. Students learn about whole, half and quarter notes as they play easy songs with fun accompaniments. The fun accompaniments that have been written or arranged to go along with each of the songs in Piano Marvel make playing even the easiest songs more fun! The accompaniments can be turned off if preferred, but serve well as a metronome and are useful in learning the rhythm. The option to turn on a metronome is also available. As students work through the Method and Technique they learn to sight-read, play scales, arpeggios and how to play by ear.    

Piano Marvel's mixing and play controls window

Piano Marvel utilizes an ingenious way of teaching songs faster than any other piano teaching software! They include the whole, chopped and/or minced slicings of each song in the Library. This feature breaks the songs up into more manageable sections to learn. It also separates the right and left hands and then puts them together. It makes learning songs so much easier and even turns it into a game as a student earns stars for every section played. They get a bronze star for achieving 80% accuracy, a silver star for 90%, a gold star for 96% and a glowing gold star for 100%. I'm motivated by getting stars and can’t rest until I get all glowing gold stars! 

Piano Song Progress Star Chart

The Most Comprehensive Music Library

I am finally taking piano seriously and through the ever-growing library of music in the Piano Marvel app, I am playing fun and easy piano songs for my own entertainment as well as my family’s! I even got to play a duet with my husband and create a video for our YouTube channel, The Pianist at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCzaqjb92sVoGXx-yC4he0w! It was so much fun! The duet we played is an original composition by my husband called, “The Little Tea House”. It got me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to memorize rather than rely on reading. I played the primo part of this duet, which is level 3 while he played the "secondo" part, which is level 5. It made me sound great even though I am still playing at a lower level. This is a great tool for teachers who want their beginning students, of any age to have fun playing easy piano songs that sound difficult! The Little Tea House also taught me to watch for patterns which makes it easier to memorize a piece. You can see the video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEbPSnoZGyM

The Little Tree House, easy version.


Some other easy piano songs in the Piano Marvel library that I have decided to learn are:

  1. A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman
  2. Perfect” by Ed Sheeran
  3. Tomahawk” by Aaron Garner
  4. Carol of the Bells"
  5. Rider” by Aaron Garner
  6. Love Story” by Taylor Swift            
  7. Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel
  8. Into the Woods” by Aaron Garner
  9. Sweet Lullaby” by Aaron Garner
  10. Edelweiss” by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers


I hope this list helps you to find easy piano songs to play. There are many others and I recommend some duets because it’s always more fun to play with your friend or family member! 

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