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Christmas Songs Anyone Can Play on Piano

Christmas time is famous for its music. More music has been written for and about Christmas than any other holiday in the world. No, I don’t have any sources to back up my claims. Still, when I searched for that confirmation, it seemed through all my investigation that though no one even considered that there might be other holidays from other cultures and religions with anywhere near the same quantity of music. Christmas has simply become such a pervasive holiday that people worldwide and of all cultures and religions are participating in it. In the U.S. specifically, where Christmas is especially pervasive, a Gallup review concluded that “Near universal observance of Christmas is seen across all gender, age, education and income subgroups of Americans.” Every year on November 1st, like clockwork, the second-best indication that the Christmas season has begun, second only to Walmart's sudden transformation into the North Pole, is the reemergence of classic Christmas tunes from decades and even centuries of Christmas celebration. Whether you love it or you hate it, you can’t escape it.

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My guess is that if you’re here, reading this article, you might be one who loves Christmas music and wants to be able to play your favorite Holiday tunes. At Piano Marvel, we’ve been experimenting with this Christmas music thing for a while now. We realized something significant- people want easy Christmas music that they can learn quickly and play during the season. They also want to sound great while doing it. This year, we’ve made it a priority to add as many easy, fun Christmas songs to the software as possible that anyone can play on the piano, and we’re adding more every day. Even if you’ve never touched a piano before, you can learn Christmas songs extremely quickly using the learning paths designed for each piece by professional piano teachers. On average, those who learn a song with Piano Marvel learn 5 to 10 times faster than those who learn traditionally, so you can be sure of success.

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The Christmas Challenge is one of the biggest events we host all year long, where you can earn entries into prize drawings by scoring 96 percent or higher on any Christmas songs in Piano marvel. As I write this article, the challenge has only been live for 11 days, and over 1,300 people have already joined the contest, and together they’ve learned almost 40,000 Christmas songs! We have Christmas music for every level, but I will focus on beginning level music for this article. Here are a few super easy, fun Christmas songs that my youngest and newest students can play with ease.


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You can find the sheet music to these songs and hundreds more at Beyond the sheet music, if you want help learning your favorite Christmas songs, you can get help from our learning tools by going to Just create a free account, log in, go to the Library to browse the music, and select the song you want to learn first. This video shows you how. 

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Another way you can participate in the Christmas Challenge is by submitting your own music to the challenge. If you’re a beginning piano student, this might sound crazy to you, but bear with me because this is for you too! During the Christmas Challenge, we’re allowing anyone to submit their own Christmas arrangements and compositions for others to play. Those new composers who get the most plays will be reviewed to become paid composers for Piano Marvel! The good news for beginners is that the songs that do the best and get the most plays on Piano Marvel are the level 1-3 songs. It’s easier than you might think to get started writing music, and this article can help you learn how.


It’s also worth mentioning the Piano Video Contest, which is going on now through the end of 2020. Christmas songs are not required, but considering the time of year, it’s the perfect time to perfect your favorite Christmas songs, video yourself playing them and enter them in the contest. The winner of the contest will win $500! The highest number of views will determine the finalists, and a panel of judges will determine the winner. You can find more info, as well as enter your submission(s) here

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Whether you’re simply learning some Christmas tunes for your own enjoyment, creating a stunning video to earn a prize, writing your own Christmas music, or just trying something new this season, Piano Marvel makes it fun and easy. I’ll be doing all three contests this year, and so will my students. I hope you’ll join us in making this Christmas season extra special!

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