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    Piano Marvel - Let Us Introduce

    Piano Marvel is so simple and easy to use, you will be able to learn fast and complete lessons on your own! Watch this video for an overview of Piano Marvel's great learning features.

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    Setup - Getting Started with Piano Marvel

    Piano Marvel includes thousands of songs and exercises that will teach piano players at any level valuable skills. Learn how to accelerate your learning faster than you ever thought possible.

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    Integrated with Teachers - Teaching with Piano Marvel

    Piano Marvel is a professional grade tool that can help your students learn four to eight times faster than traditional teaching methods. Try our amazing piano education software in your lessons and see what you've been missing!

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    Piano Lessons - Practice Techniques

    Piano Marvel is so effective because of the amazing practice techniques that are built into the system. Piano Marvel is the only piano software that tracks your progress, lets you move at your own pace, and contains thousands of songs and exercises. Watch this video to learn how you can get the most out of your Piano Marvel experience.

It has never been easier to learn how to play the piano than with Piano Marvel. This award winning piano education software will take the pain out of practicing and make learning fun again! Go premium or create a free account today!

Piano Marvel solves one of the biggest time-wasters in lessons - that is, having to correct wrong notes and rhythms from a week of inaccurate practice. It's their at-home coach, highlighting their mistakes so they can be readily corrected. My students are now learning faster and playing with much more confidence than before. —Terry A. Smith,
EVERY piano teacher needs to use this program! The students that are using this are moving much faster, playing much more accurately, and having more fun than the parents or I could have imagined! It is amazing to hear how the parents have to force some of them to ‘come away from the piano and do something else!’ - I love it! It is the BEST TEACHING TOOL available! —Nina Black
I have 3 grandchildren using Piano Marvel. They used to watch television a couple of hours each night. It is amazing for me to see them spending that time practicing the piano. —Betty Golly,
Piano Marvel is an outstanding tool for any professional piano teacher. It is the main focus of my Piano Lab where students go after their private lessons with me. My students' rhythmic accuracy and sight reading has gone through the roof. Students are excited with the challenge of going from 70-80-90-100% score on a new piece. They don't want to stop until they get that TOP score. What an ingenious computer GAME that inspires repeated practice to PERFECT a piece before going to a new piece. Past President – Utah Music
Teachers Association (2004-2006)
Adjunct Instructor of Piano -
Brigham Young University (1993-2004)
—Cheryl Norman
In order to use Piano Marvel you will need the following items:
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    A MIDI-enabled piano or
    keyboard with a power supply
    and a USB/Midi cable.

    (see our online store for
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    (2GB memory preferred)
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    High Speed Internet Connection