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Scale Ninja

Welcome to the Scale Ninja! Learning scales just got easier and a lot more fun. Play through all of the piano scales and see where you rank in the world of crazy fast fingers. Watch the video below to learn how to get started!

Scale Ninja - Beginner


(1 Octave)

Name Score
Lynda B. 2,400
Aaron G. 2,400
Michelle R. 2,400
Evelyn B. 2,400
Mylee G. 2,400
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Scale Ninja - Advanced


(2 Octaves)

Name Score
Mason G. 2,400
Aaron G. 2,400
Isabel S. K. 2,400
Elaine C. 2,400
Daniel E. 2,400
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Scale Ninja - Pro


(4 Octaves)

Name Score
Elizabeth S. 2,400
Adam H. 2,400
Jonathan M. 2,400
Tracy X. 2,400
Marquessa T. 2,400
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Click one of the links below to learn the correct fingering for any of the Major or Minor Scales.

How to Gain Speed With Your Scales

If you are looking to increase your speed with better technique, check out this article. It is a quick solution that is guaranteed to increase your speed through muscle memory and speed training techniques.