FAQ | Piano Marvel


How much does an account cost?

A Piano Marvel account is free! You get over 25,000 songs and exercises, sight reading tests, reports, progress tracking and more with a free account. We hope that you will learn a ton with Piano Marvel and want to upgrade to a premium account which unlocks thousands more songs and exercises.

Is there a contract?

No, you are not obligated to upgrade to a premium account at any time. If you have a premium account, you are also not obligated to pay for any length of time. You always maintain full control to manage your account and suspend or cancel it. We want people to use Piano Marvel because they love it!

What do I need to use Piano Marvel?

You will need a Windows or Mac computer, a MIDI enabled piano keyboard, A MIDI cable and an active internet connection. Please visit our store to purchase equipment that you might need.

When I upgrade my account do I get to keep the progress I made with my free account?

Yes, all of your practice information is saved on the Piano Marvel servers at all times. When you change your account from a free to premium, all the progress that you made in the

If I suspend my account will I lose my trophies?

No, you will not lose your trophies/progress tracked if you suspend your account. When you are ready to re-activate a premium account, simply visit www.pianomarvel.com and click the login link. Enter your username and password to get to your account settings. Then, either click the link to re-activate or create a new billing profile if needed.

How do I suspend my payments?

Simply visit www.pianomarvel.com/login and enter your username and password. Once in your account you will see options to suspend your account and more.

How do I re-activate my payments for a premium account?

Simply visit www.pianomarvel.com/login and enter your username and password. Once in your account you will see options to activate your account and more.

Does Piano Marvel encourage children to practice more?

When you think of kid addictions, television and video games come to mind, but can a kid really become consumed by an activity that stimulates brain development?

Piano Marvel is designed to:

  1. Motivate students to spend more time practicing by implementing video game intensity to practicing piano.
  2. Provide progressive materials to teach sight-reading, chords and scales, ear-training, rhythm-training, and more!
  3. Provide an expanding library of the classics from Bach to Kabalevsky with printable scores and video performances.
  4. Assess rhythm and pitch, giving instant feedback so students can identify and correct problem spots.
  5. Allow teachers and parents to monitor the amount of time spent practicing through automatic emails of student practice.