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Why the Piano Is One of the Best Instruments for Songwriting


Creating melodies is a beautiful form of self-expression and seeking out the best tools to help you with this can be very beneficial. The piano is one such tool, and a wonderful instrument for songwriting.

Nothing feels better than creating something completely new that blossoms from your imagination. Another great feeling is sharing what you have created with others. As a budding songwriter, it is very helpful to learn how to utilize one of the best instruments out there to guide you along, each note of the way.  It is in this capacity that the piano can be a songwriter’s best friend.

Better Understanding

The piano is a powerful songwriting tool that allows you to observe how chords, harmonies, and notes progress and work together. As you use the piano in this creative capacity, you will gain a better understanding of songwriting, the piano itself, and music as a whole. The piano can be considered one of the best instruments for songwriting, especially if you also sing, as it makes it easier to sing along while playing with different harmonizations.

Dynamic Instrument

One of the biggest pros of using the piano for songwriting is the variety it provides. The piano allows you to play several notes at once—as many as your fingers will allow. You can experiment with different chords, notes, rhythms, pedal modifications, and melodies. As you develop as a songwriter using the piano, you will also learn more about this amazing instrument. 

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Songwriting can be an intensive process that will require going back and forth, making minute note changes here and there. As a result, you will likely need to play a note or melody several times over. With the piano, doing so is simple because the notes are all right there for you to play and listen to instantly.

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