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Ways Playing Piano Enhances Your Quality of Life

Many of us love piano for the joy that comes with playing beautiful melodies. But did you know that playing the piano can actually enhance your quality of life?

Is there any better feeling than sitting down at your piano with a composed posture and gingerly laying your hands down on those cool keys, readying yourself to play something beautiful? It seems our fingers and piano meld together seamlessly as we press down to hear the robust vibrations and sounds that only this instrument can provide. 

Playing the piano can be an incredibly satisfying experience, but would it surprise you to learn that playing piano can actually enhance your quality of life?

Improves Brain Function

Many of us live under the assumption that our brains stop changing and developing in our mid-to-late-twenties, but recent research has shed new light on this. When we are young, our nerves create a layer of insulation that allows them to send signals as fast as possible throughout our nervous system; this process is called myelination. 

For a long time, many scientists have associated myelination with early childhood. However, some studies have shown that playing the piano can increase myelination in adults, which significantly helps improve brain function. 

Enriches Your Confidence

Have you experienced that feeling when you finally accomplish something that requires a hefty amount of focus? It is no secret that learning to play the piano is a challenge, but the riches it yields are plentiful. That is why playing the piano can instantly boost your confidence, as the feeling of accomplishing a difficult piece of music is unlike anything else. 

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

You have likely experienced the feeling of emerging from a piano-playing session in a much better mood than when you entered. The effect that playing the piano has on you is not a singular experience. In fact, a study published by the National Library of Medicine found that playing the piano could lower levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that our adrenal glands secrete whenever we feel stressed.

It is amazing to think of the many ways that playing piano can enhance our quality of life. It’s no wonder that playing the piano can be so enjoyable! If you want to take advantage of these incredible benefits, consider using our piano learning software. At Piano Marvel, we want to help you pursue your passion for the piano in the best way possible. That is why countless people love using our app to learn piano, as we formulated it to provide engaging lessons that keep you striving for more.

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