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Upcoming Pianists and Their Style of Playing

by Nicole McCray

Playing the piano is a skill you can learn and perfect over time. It gives you a great introduction to the music industry where you can be creative and challenge yourself. The best part is that learning piano in the digital age is even easier. 

You get to learn in the comfort of your home with access to different resources like Piano Marvel that will help you build your skills. Qualified pianists create these resources to give you the best experience and ensure your learning process goes smoothly. In addition, if you are an upcoming pianist,  schools like Music To Your Home can be exactly what you need to level up.

Over the years, the music industry has seen more talented pianists coming up and making their mark in this space. In this post, we’ll look at upcoming pianists to watch out for today and their playing style.

Kit Armstrong

Born in 1992, Kit Armstrong shows his skill and prowess with the piano each time he gets to the keyboard. He got into music as a child and continued pursuing his passion as a talented pianist.

He prides himself in being a versatile and well-accomplished pianist who will reach greater heights. He specializes in American Classical music and delivers great tunes on the piano that continue to build his name as an upcoming pianist.

Kit Armstrong continues to play in concerts with well-renowned pianists with years of experience. The exposure that he gets from those who have come before him allows him to continue perfecting his skills and learning new styles. 

Learning from accomplished pianists is the best way to shorten your learning curve and perfect your craft. Platforms like Piano Marvel make it easier for you to gain access to knowledge from pianists with great experience in their specific fields. 

Bruce Liu

Bruce Liu is a Canadian pianist with incredible achievements at such a young age. He was born in 1997 and has been playing the piano since childhood at 8 years old. In October 2021, he won the International Chopin Piano Competition setting a great example.

As the first-ever Canadian to win such a prestigious competition, critics and supporters agree that he is a force in the music industry. He has been featured in different world-leading Orchestras playing with legendary pianists all over.

Liu’s style of playing favors classical music adding that he aims to add uniqueness and his personality while staying faithful to the composer. The flare he adds to his style of playing piano differentiates him from other players greatly.

As he continues to grow as an incredible pianist, you can expect to see him in more prestigious ensembles. Bruce Liu is definitely an upcoming pianist to keep your eye on and engage with his pieces. 

Paul Cornish

Paul Cornish is a great pianist, composer, and educator who prides himself in producing the best work. He has been known to promote freedom through his music while fostering more collaborations in different communities.

Cornish discovered his interest in music at a young age having attended a performing and visual arts high school. He was later selected as one of the few to be awarded a full fellowship at the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz at UCLA.

These opportunities exposed him to play with world-renowned artists who have perfected their craft over the years. The influence of experienced pianists and other musicians continues to drive his craft and its perfect execution. 

Paul’s style of playing is centered around Jazz and he has continued to impress crowds with his prowess. In 2018, he won the American Jazz Piano Competition, outshining many other pianists. 

Being a pianist, composer, and educator, Paul prides himself in continuous learning from peers, legends, and those who have gone before him.


Isaiah J Thompson

Isaiah J Thompson has been cultivating his skills as a pianist since childhood having enrolled in prestigious schools and programs. He attended Calderon school of music, Jazz house kids, NJPAC Jazz for Teens, and Juilliard School.

Going through school and prestigious programs allowed him to play with established artists like Steve Turre and Buster Williams among others. His preferred style of playing is Jazz music that he continues to perfect.

With consistent practice as a pianist, Thompson has won a few accolades that speak to his work and incredible music. In 2018, he won the Lincoln Center Emerging Artist Award and also came in 2nd place at the Thelonious Monk Competition. 

He prides himself in his individuality and believes that music is the direct channel into the mind and soul of an artist. So, he strives to create the best as an upcoming pianist. 


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