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Tips for Using Software When Teaching Piano


As you search for the best music tools, check out these tips for using software when teaching piano. Provide your students with everything they need to excel.

Teaching students how to master the beautiful art of piano can feel a bit challenging, especially when you begin teaching online lessons but aren't quite used to it. However, piano learning software improves the learning experience by providing your students with the additional tools to understand this instrument and everything surrounding it. 

Learning to sight-read while also memorizing chords can feel intimidating. Make the process easy for everyone with our tips for using software when teaching piano so you and your students thrive.

What Is Piano Software?

Piano learning software is precisely what it sounds like—an application for tablets and PCs that aids a student in learning. Often these include informative videos that students can access as they learn new songs. This is an excellent resource for your students since some of us learn best by watching someone else, and with this technology, your students can always watch someone play.

Similarly, great piano software provides teachers with better tools to help their students understand music. Piano Marvel is software designed by teachers for teachers and students. You can use it to assign assessments and tailor lessons to individual learning needs.

Pro Tip

We all learn best through different styles and at different rates. If you teach a large class, meeting everyone's needs can become a challenge. As a result, you and the students may suffer. They'll face more difficulties in learning, and sometimes the frustration can lead to giving up. In addition, you may feel overwhelmed as you try to meet everyone's needs. With software, you don't have to worry, and everyone can learn at their own pace.

Tips for Using Piano Software

Now that we've covered what this type of software is let's dive into those tips for using software when teaching piano. Learning tools become more helpful when the teacher assigns them knowing the system’s benefits. 

For the most success, you and your students should:

Although the software makes learning piano easier, you still must structure lessons and homework in a way that will ensure success. Below, we'll get further into each of these tips so you know what you need to do.

Have an Appropriate Setup

If the lessons you offer are online, having an appropriate setup becomes more important since students will need to record themselves playing. In this instance, they should have a quiet area with an external microphone to easily record their playing for you to evaluate. 

A home setup isn't only useful for online lessons as many piano schools use learning software, and a proper setup is critical for practice time. Additionally, most experts advise against using Bluetooth speakers since it can cause issues like lagging. This may create problems when students need to play according to a specific time signature.

Keep the Software Updated

Everyone using the software should make the updates as they roll out. Why? Because updates often fix bugs within the system and sometimes offer new features. For example, the learning software you use may release an update where you can virtually track a student's practice in real-time. However, if you or the student neglect updates, you won't have access to this great tool.

Have Open Communication

Open communication is vital to any learning environment, even when you have the best tools at your fingertips. Remind students that you're always available to them. Also, remember to encourage your students to use the software to set realistic goals for themselves. One of the top benefits of this application is that they can learn at their ideal pace and shouldn't feel forced to go beyond what's comfortable.

Continue Creating Challenges

Remind your students to set appropriate challenges according to their skill level and goals. For example, if you teach a large class instead of private lessons, consider setting up meetings with individual students. You can discuss their progress according to the app and think up new goals, so learning always feels rewarding.

Finding the Best Piano Software

As you begin searching for the ideal software for your class, you'll likely find that the internet offers many options. Some options are superior to others. Create a checklist of top things you want in the software you use, such as:

All these items help take the difficulty out of teaching; students can spend their own time grasping the basics of notes and rhythm, so you can focus class time on teaching them about the music itself. Plus, piano learning software that meets all your criteria will prepare students for every class.

Try Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is powerful piano instruction software that provides your students access to all the essential criteria we’ve listed and gives feedback. So, if your student practices a song but plays the wrong notes or at the incorrect time signature, they'll know. Then, as they play a piece of music, they'll receive a score based on how they did, and wrong notes will be red while correctly played ones are green. This way, they'll know what skills need improvement.

Song Options Matter

Utilize a learning software with various song options so everyone can learn how to play the type of music they like best. This becomes even more important if you teach a wide variety of age groups since older adults will have different preferences than teenagers. Often, students feel even more driven to learn when they find out they can play the songs they love.

Keep Learning Fun

Even those who want to master piano to play in front of an audience need to love what they play, especially as they conquer the learning process. Music is a powerful emotional outlet, and many songwriters turn to their pianos to convey their feelings. There's feeling tied to music, and understanding it shouldn’t feel overly frustrating. Piano learning software is a powerful tool that transforms learning into a process that works for everyone.


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