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Tips for Tracking Your Piano Students' Progress in Lessons

The sign of a good teacher shows when their students excel and surpass goals. Here are your go-to tips for tracking their piano progress in lessons.

As a teacher, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure your students continue to progress forward in their evolution as pianists. In order to do so in the best way possible, you have to make sure they are truly learning and absorbing what they need to know. As a teacher, managing the enrichment of several students can seem overwhelming, but we provide some useful tips to help you track their piano progress in lessons.

Be There Even When You're Not

With your more intermediate students, you can likely leave them solo unless they need you, in which case, you know they will call on you. However, with your greener students, you will need to pay more attention to and guide them. Unfortunately, you cannot always sit beside them and help with everything, no matter how much you wish you could. Thankfully, Piano Marvel has piano instruction software, so you can be there even when you're not.

Practice Mode

Practice mode is a fantastic aspect of our app that guides your students throughout a piece, providing them feedback instantaneously. The best part is that the practice mode is for students of all levels and accommodates changing schedules and busy lives. When you miss just one music lesson, it is quite easy to fall behind especially in the beginning, as everything builds upon itself. With practice mode, you never have to worry about that.  

Play Mode

When your students have proficiently practiced with you and our app, they will be ready to show you what they have learned. One of the easiest ways to track your piano students' progress in their lessons is through the play mode in our app. Play mode takes the stress out of teaching as it will provide a full assessment of your student's performance, including a score and notations of minor mistakes. Moreover, our software is highly sensitive, making it capable of guiding your students naturally so they may perform with high rhythm and note accuracy. 

Focus On Music and Theory

We know that nothing beats the experience of having a real-life music teacher beside you, guiding you. However, we also know that teachers don't have all the time and resources in the world to attend to their students in the ways they wish they could. That is why at Piano Marvel, we help make the process easier for you and your students. That way, you can use your time and energy to teach music rather than notes and rhythms—leave that to us.

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