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Tips for Designing a Piano Lesson Plan for Your Students



It can feel intimidating to create an interesting class your kids will enjoy. Here are some tips for designing a piano lesson plan for your students.

You likely became a piano instructor because of your love for music that you wish to share with others. Nothing feels better than teaching students who are just as passionate about music as you. However, even the most dedicated students can easily distract themselves and lose interest.

That is why it’s crucial to design a piano lesson plan for your students that they will enjoy. Moreover, when you have a structured lesson plan, you can feel more self-assured and secure as a teacher.


It’s crucial that you provide your students with consistent encouragement and praise, especially younger ones. There are many ways to do this; you may use stickers, scores, and even do a fun “player of the week.” When you praise your students for a job well done, they feel excited and ready to learn more. What’s more, this will help keep your younger kids engaged—after all, even if they enjoy piano, it’s difficult for any kid to sit for a while.


As a piano instructor, you should expect to teach students at all levels, which will require your lesson plans to have adaptability. Unfortunately, creating an adaptable lesson plan can be difficult, but Piano Marvel is here to help.

Our piano teaching software for PC, created by professional piano teachers, knows how to work with students at every step and level. You don’t have to spend hours creating various lesson plans when we can do the work. We help you use your class time more efficiently.


One of the best tips for you to keep in mind when designing a piano lesson plan for your students is to give them freedom. You can likely recall a time in class when you enjoyed the subject material, but the lesson felt so constricted that you couldn’t immerse yourself.

Providing your student with freedom will keep their love and passion for piano alive. As such, allow them to improvise chords, play with the keys, and choose any song they like to practice. Our software has thousands of methods and repertoire pieces that students at any level can play.

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