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The Best Type of Piano Music To Teach Young Children

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Read up on some ideas to help you identify the best type of piano music to teach young children. With the right material, it will be a breeze to teach them the basics of learning to play the piano.

Sharing your passion for music with others can be a gratifying experience. Many music teachers like to share this passion with children, as they help mold young minds to discover new skills. No matter what age group you teach, it will be helpful to determine the types of pieces and genres that are appealing to each student to keep each feeling engaged and appropriately challenged. Below, we've outlined some suggestions to assist with this.

Tips for Teaching Children

In addition to understanding the basics of music such as theory, technique, or method, incorporating the skill of sight-reading into your studio can be very beneficial to a student’s progress in learning to play the piano.  Sight-reading can help a student develop a command and mastery of note-recognition as well as an increased ability to more quickly identify patterns and themes within a composition.  However, sight-reading can be a challenging skill to master, which is why we include sight-reading practice tools and assessments in our application.

With the Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR) component of our app, it is easier to teach your students how to sight-read in a fun, interactive, and challenging way. What's more, there are many levels available for them to aspire to and challenge themselves further. With a good grasp of sight-reading, they will feel more confident and comfortable learning new music.

Discovering the Best Music for Children

As you prepare to teach a class, determining and identifying the best type of piano music to teach young children is vital to their success. Factors such as the skill level and music preferences of each student are an important part of this and should be taken into account individually and collectively.  For example, it may be impractical to dive into an advanced piece simply because it is a favorite of the student, whereas introducing music too elementary or a genre that doesn’t appeal to the student can be boring to a child.  Finding a happy medium is imperative—procuring a simplified arrangement of the student’s favorite piece of music, for example.

Play It Out: Best Piano Music for Children

Each student will have a singular definition of the best music to learn on the piano.  By appealing to each student’s specific interests, you'll help them accomplish their goals. Ultimately, the best type of piano music to teach young children is determined at the individual level by taking into account the students’ own preferences. That is why we made sure to provide thousands of selections from which to choose within our digital music library. When your students have more choice over the music they learn and practice, they will feel more motivated and focused to keep on playing.

Pro Tip

Remember, teaching children to play the piano requires patience from both you and them. If some of your protégées appear frustrated, remind them that a learning curve is natural. Each of your students will progress at a different rate, and that's perfectly fine.

Give Students Learning Tools

When you choose Piano Marvel, our piano-learning software will help you optimize class time and enrich the learning experience. With our software, your students can play their favorite pieces at a comfortable speed and get instant feedback, giving you more time to focus on aspects only you, as an instructor, can provide. Learning how to play the piano has never been easier or more fun!

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