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The Best Type of Piano Music To Teach Young Children

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Sharing your passion for music with others is a gratifying experience. Many music teachers like to share this passion with children, as they help mold young minds to discover new skills. No matter what age group you teach, you'll need to assign the right songs to keep them feeling engaged and appropriately challenged. Below, we've outlined some of the top music for kids, plus a few tips and learning tools.  

Discovering the Songs for Kids

As you prepare to teach a class, noting the best type of piano music to teach young children is vital to their success. Of course, you can't start with an overly complicated song solely to appeal to them, but something too bland can be boring to a child.

Play It Out: Best Piano Music for Kids

When a child first begins learning to play the piano, they'll need to start with a few basic yet classic songs. Many professionals recommend starting the journey into music with some of the best piano music for kids, including:

As your student hits milestones and learns to play these songs easily, they can begin playing other simple yet fun songs like “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid or the popular “Let It Go” from Frozen. Every student will define the best music to learn on piano differently, and by appealing to their interests, you'll help them accomplish this goal.

Tips for Teaching Kids

Before your student dives into playing, they'll need to grasp the basics of music, so begin teaching them how to read a music staff. Some teachers go about this by utilizing flashcards, while others use pneumatics. Use a variety of methods to appeal to every student's way of learning.

When you feel your student understands the basics of sheet music and the different notes, move towards playing the piano. This is where knowing the best type of piano music to teach young children comes into the picture since you can assign popular songs that also reflect their skill level.

Pro Tip

Remember, teaching kids to play the piano requires patience from both you and them. If some of your protégées appear frustrated, remind them that a learning curve is natural. Each of your students will learn at a different rate, and that's perfectly fine.

Give Students Learning Tools

While some students can get in the necessary practice by relying on a music book, this won't work for everyone, nor does a book give them direct feedback. Piano Marvel is piano class software used by music teachers to help everyone learn to play the piano, from children to adults.

With our software, your students can play their favorite songs at a comfortable speed and also get instant feedback. Learning how to play the piano has never been easier or more fun!

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