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The Best Possible Piano Education-Group Piano

Group Piano with Teacher

Group piano classes have long been considered inferior to traditional private piano lessons, and for good reason. For as long as anyone can remember, class piano instructors have struggled to teach something as individual as music in a class setting. With only one teacher to cover many students at a time, it’s historically been impossible to tailor the learning experience to each individual piano student. Instead, most teachers wind up teaching to the average student’s pace and ability and, in doing so, leave many students behind while simultaneously boring others. This model of teaching truly is inferior. But with the advent of new technologies, the traditional piano class has been flipped on its head. Today, not only can group piano offer equal education as private lessons, but if done right, it can offer superior education for all students and a more fulfilling and less stressful experience for instructors.


The key issue with group piano classes is that each student starts the class with a different skill level, learning ability, and background. This wouldn't be an issue if there were one teacher for every student, but with one instructor (and maybe an aide or two if the teacher is very lucky), it’s impossible to give each student the time and attention necessary to guide their personal learning journey. With Piano Marvel, the instructor is no longer required to hand-hold because the app fulfills that particularly dull role. Instant feedback lets students know when they have played incorrect notes or rhythms and helps them correct their mistakes. It also walks them through the learning process, so they’re practicing with pedagogically sound methods even when the teacher is nowhere in sight. The app includes countless tools to aid in the learning process, so the students quickly learn how to practice efficiently- a feat that usually takes years. Using this model, each student can work at their own pace within the parameters and curriculum set by the teacher.


With more of the instructor’s time suddenly open, they are able to spend more time teaching what they enjoy. While the computer is great at many things, a human instructor is needed to help the students achieve expression and musicality in their playing. Humans are also better at identifying weaknesses that a student may need to work on and motivating students through their individual interests. While the class is busy learning at their own pace, the instructor is available to help those who need assistance, check in with individual students, and help them improve their technique and expression. With the combination of technology and personal, high-quality instruction from teachers whose time is no longer so limited, students thrive.

Group Piano with kids and mom

While Piano Marvel is a fantastic tool for piano teachers of all kinds, it is exceptionally well-suited to make group lessons the best kind of lessons. Because of the ability to customize for classes and student needs, the app works for all kinds of group lessons, from young student group lessons to public high school piano classes, to university piano labs. Our aim is to aid group piano teachers in improving their lives while giving their students a better educational experience than has ever been possible. If you’re interested in getting Piano Marel set up in your classroom or studio, please contact us at [email protected] or 866-680-1290 to get a quote or find out more.

If you teach private lessons as well, feel free to reach out to Michelle Robison at [email protected] to get specific help for private teachers. We would also love to see you on our Piano Marvel Teachers Facebook group, and our weekly Teacher Discussions on Tuesdays at 10 am Mountain Time. We’re proud of our supportive and enthusiastic community of Piano Marvel teachers, and we would all be happy to have you along. 


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