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I always loved music and I wanted to be able to play it, but I hated practicing. In retrospect, it wasn’t that I hated sitting down to practice, rather it was that I didn’t know HOW to practice effectively and excitingly. My practice sessions looked like this.

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I would sit down to the dreaded half-hour practice session that would seem like an eternity of boredom. I would then begin to play the few pieces that my teacher (who was also my father) assigned to me in our previous lesson. Immediately, I would become discouraged. I would read through the music, fumbling through it, and making mistakes that I wasn’t even aware were mistakes. Sometimes I would even practice those mistakes until I had the music memorized incorrectly! Often, I would learn the first few measures of the piece, then become confused and give up. At my next lesson, I would play my poorly practiced pieces for my dad and he would begin the hard and taxing work of fixing my mistakes. I didn’t progress very quickly.


It’s no surprise that I didn’t enjoy these lessons or my practice sessions. Because I didn’t enjoy that time, I began to think that I didn’t like the piano anymore. The problem was not my dad- he was a fantastic educator and an incredible pianist. The problem wasn’t even me- I took my time to practice and I loved music. The problem was that my time spent practicing without the guidance of a teacher was not as productive as it could have been. Most pianists can relate to this struggle. It takes most piano performance majors all four years of their undergraduate degrees to really master the art of effective and productive practice. 

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I had progressed very little in the first 5 years of traditional piano lessons. My dedicated teacher and father knew that there had to be a better way to help students practice efficiently and so, Piano Marvel was born. When I was 11 years old, I was introduced to the piano learning app that would change my life. I was the first student to learn with Piano Marvel, a guinea pig, of sorts. Within weeks I had progressed faster than I ever thought I would; I was having fun during my practice sessions and I found my love of music again. 

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The piano app walked me through every step of the learning process, breaking pieces up into smaller learning sections, making me practice them repetitively, giving me scores to show my progress and motivate me, and tracking my progress throughout learning a piece. Within weeks I had progressed faster than I ever thought I would. I was having fun during my practice sessions and I found my love of music again. Piano Marvel has come a long way since then and is continually updating and improving. To this day, I use Piano Marvel for my own practice and I use it to teach piano to my students.

Many people have had similarly disappointing experiences with traditional piano lessons and have given up hope of ever playing their favorite songs. Likewise, most piano teachers have students who struggle the way I did. Others play well, but they could benefit from faster, more effective practice. If you fall into any one of these categories, Piano Marvel could change your life the way it changed mine. Don’t take my word for it, though. Check it out for yourself at

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