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The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Piano Marvel Teacher

Piano Teacher Training

What is the Piano Marvel Certification Course?


Most piano apps and programs primarily cater to individuals hoping to learn piano, but Piano Marvel is different. It was originally designed by piano teachers to increase their teaching skills with the help that only technology can provide. Here at Piano Marvel, we put a big emphasis on helping piano teachers use technology to become the most effective teachers possible. While it is possible for Piano Marvel users to learn to play entirely on their own, we believe that no matter how advanced technology becomes, there will always be a significant place for teachers. Technology cannot motivate and inspire the way a teacher can, nor can it adequately teach some essential aspects of music, such as dynamics, musicality, and expression. There are some things that only a human being can teach effectively and other things that technology can actually teach better than humans can. We want to help teachers take advantage of the best tools that technology offers and combine them with their unique teaching styles and skills. 

Our Teacher Certification Course is designed to help teachers become completely capable and comfortable with every aspect of the program in a short period of time. Teachers do not need to become certified to teach with Piano Marvel, but teachers often miss out on Piano Marvel’s most helpful tools without taking the course. We also use the course to ensure that we have exceptional teachers to send our users to when they are looking for a teacher. 

Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn

Our certification course is designed to help teachers become completely capable and comfortable with every aspect of the program. Without taking the course, teachers often never reach Piano Marvel's full potential. We also use the course to make sure that we have exceptional teachers to send our users to when they are looking for a teacher. 

What will I learn?


The course covers everything from the most basic to the most advanced parts of teaching with Piano Marvel and other programs and apps that we have found to be helpful alongside Piano Marvel. Here are some highlights of what you will learn.


- Creating student accounts and linking them to you as their teacher

- Setting up your keyboard 

- Most helpful tools in Piano Marvel

- Advanced online lesson skills and setup

- Ins and outs of Zoom, Skype, and Marco Polo

- Best practice in lesson follow-up methods

- MuseScore music notation

- Uploading music to Piano Marvel

- Creating bundles, books, boot camps, and reports in Piano Marvel

- Using reports to track your students' progress

- Skill-builders in the Library, like Scale Ninja

- Practice streaks, day streaks, + other motivational magic

- Challenges for specific skills, like sight-reading

- Group lessons, including online group lessons

- Encouraging composition and creativity

- How to create performance Video projects

- Network with other Piano Marvel teachers

Teachers building relationships

How long will the course take?


The course is self-paced but guided by an instructor. Each teacher learns and completes assignments at their own pace and the instructor offers additional personal instruction when necessary. The unique layout allows teachers to complete the course in their own time. Generally, the course takes between 2 and 8 weeks. If a teacher devotes a few hours a week to the course, it will likely take about a month to complete. However, keep in mind that a higher level of expertise with technology and with Piano Marvel, specifically, can decrease the time it will take to complete the course.


What does Piano Marvel certification do for me?


Upon completion of the course, you will be entered into our Find a Teacher webpage, where students search for teachers in their area (or online teachers) who teach with Piano Marvel. You will also receive an official certificate and gain access to exclusive Piano Marvel certified teacher events.

Find A Piano Marvel Teacher

How much does the course cost?


The cost of the course is $75 and includes the resources for the course and unlimited help and instruction from the course instructor. 


Are there prerequisites for the course?


The only prerequisites for the course are to 1) have piano teaching experience of at least one year or a music education degree (or another applicable degree) and 2) have a desire to make Piano Marvel an integral part of your instruction. If you do not meet these requirements but would like to become certified, please email us at [email protected] to request special permission and make your case. 


Do I need to get recertified?


This is a one-time certification, but we expect certified teachers to continue to educate themselves by attending Piano Marvel workshops, watching the YouTube videos that we continuously put out for teachers, and keeping up with Piano Marvel news and new features by connecting on social media and subscribing to our emails. We enjoy a culture of community, cooperation, and continued education, and we greatly value the relationships we build with our teachers. Register for the Certification Course here. 

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