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Reasons Children Should Learn Piano at School


School is where children can expand their minds and learn crucial things that will enrich their lives. Here are reasons why piano should be one of them.

School should be a place where children expand their knowledge and education. In an optimal world, schools would provide children with the fundamental structures they need to grow to the best of their capabilities. Unfortunately, many of us agree that children do not receive as well-rounded an education as they should. That is one of the reasons children should learn piano at school.

Creative Touch

Many elementary schools across the country have a severe deficit in fostering creativity amongst their students. That is because artistic pursuits, like piano, will often not make it to the official school curriculum due to the false assumption that creativity is frivolous. However, the piano is a fantastic pursuit that allows children to connect with and develop their creative minds. 

When programs like art or music get cut from the education rubric, it is a great disservice to the children. Administrators must encourage the growth of creativity, which is why children should learn piano at school.

Visionary Mindset

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that when you learn the piano, your brain lights up with excitement as it starts to develop new neural pathways—the piano challenges you to think in a completely different way. We want to foster a visionary mindset in our children; they are the future. 

That is why, at Piano Marvel, we are passionate about our piano lesson software and its ability to reach as many students as possible. Moreover, our application also helps teachers improve their lesson plans and utilize class time more efficiently. 

Crucial Development

According to a Heart of England foundation NHS Trust study, many children today do not have enough hand strength and dexterity to hold a pencil for extended periods. This is because many children spend most of their time on technological devices that don’t develop the fine muscles in their fingers. That is why the piano is an excellent instrument for children to learn, as it will help them develop the strength and agility they need.

Benefits Math and Sciences

At the core, all music utilizes mathematics as students need to learn how to count measures and complex time signatures, all while keeping rhythm. Piano requires you to enhance your spatial-temporal reasoning; a vital skill one needs to succeed in math and science. Moreover, learning to play the piano strengthens executive function, making it easier for you to retain information, solve problems, and make decisions. The piano allows students to think in complex and dynamic ways, which can often lead to further success in math and science.

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