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Practical Tips for Teaching Piano to Adults

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Learning how to play an instrument is exciting, and teaching someone how to do it is rewarding. Many adults sign up for piano classes because they want to learn something new. With a few practical tips for teaching piano to adults, you’ll keep them on the road to success.   

Pick the Right Songs

One of the most effective ways to encourage students to practice playing the piano is by picking out the right music, which means deciding on age-appropriate songs. While some older adults may love learning to play the music from the latest Disney song, not everyone will feel the same way.

Take time to ask students about their favorite songs in a variety of genres, then center lessons around what seems most popular for your students. By picking the right pieces, you make it easier for your students to hear the melodies and determine whether they play on beat.

Ask About Their Musical Goals

Talk with each of your students so you can better understand their long-term goals in learning music. Some adults may take the class for fun, but others may hope to better understand piano with plans to compose their own songs. Everyone will have a different goal, and by knowing the results each student wants to see, you can decide if anyone requires a bit of extra tutoring.

Pro Tip

With piano teaching software like Piano Marvel, you can assign lessons to your students so they can learn at a rate that works for them. Options like “Prepare Mode” move at the student’s pace as they work towards recognizing notes.

Set Expectations

Another practical tip for teaching piano to adults is to set smaller goals. Your students may have quite a few responsibilities to juggle as adults, but they shouldn’t neglect to practice the piano until class. Lessons should focus on teaching the basics, not repeating the information over again. Provide suggestions on how often a student should practice to meet their musical goals.

In addition to setting aside time to practice, your adult learners need to go about it in the right way. By this, we mean they should focus on learning one song at a time. First, work on the chosen song with them, then assign practice activities and measurable goals surrounding it.

Have Fun

Learning a new skill can feel challenging at any age, so remember to keep each lesson fun. When coaching your students, use constructive criticism. Also, remember to keep their end goal in mind so the curriculum remains engaging and motivating.

You can also keep things entertaining by having students collaborate on pieces or assigning groups to play different songs together. This collaboration can lead to friendships and teach them how to play music in harmony with others. By encouraging and praising each of your students, you’ll watch them climb the ladder of musical success.

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