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Piano Unstrung - Part 4: Air

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We hope you have enjoyed the Piano Unstrung mini-series so far! Part Four: Air features the piece "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi. This is a popular and lively song. However, it is also difficult for some to play. Aaron Garner has arranged some simpler versions that range from beginner to advanced levels. We have also just released Livin' On A Pray Games in the Piano Marvel app that allows early beginners to see how far they can get in the Livin' series.

Sheet Music

Easy: https://pianomarvel.com/sheet-music/61912/livin-on-a-prayer-easy

Intermediate: https://pianomarvel.com/sheet-music/28212/livin-on-a-prayer-intermediate

Advanced: https://pianomarvel.com/sheet-music/27613/livin-on-a-prayer-advanced


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