Patriotic Challenge 2021 | Piano Marvel

Patriotic Challenge 2021

On June 14th we started the second annual Patriotic Challenge! This challenge will run through July 4th and will include many of the famous patriotic songs that we have come to know and love. Last year, many of our users requested that we add some of their countries' patriotic anthems and - being a worldwide app - we were happy to see what we could do! 


That got us thinking that we would like to add even more songs this year! We are excited to announce that, along with the standard patriotic songs from around the world, we have added famous classical works by composers such as: Bartok, Grieg, Chopin, Albeniz, and Granados. The reason we chose to do this was two parts: First, to widen and diversify the challenge with our vast collection of music. Secondly, we wanted to pay tribute to the different composers who, over the years, have written music that celebrates their country or heritage. No matter if you are playing a Polish Mazurka or singing along to “God Bless America”, we hope that everyone has a great time participating in this year's “Patriotic Challenge!”


Thanks for being a part of the Piano Marvel family!

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