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Music Video Production

Creating Performance and Piano Tutorial Videos

"Stomp" performed by Joshua Garner, Jacob Garner, Enea Ferrell and Clarissa Peterson

Video is becoming increasingly more critical in the modern piano studio. There are many reasons for a teacher to develop and continue improving video production skills. Teachers can use video to inspire students to work towards a performance they will be proud to share. Video can also be used to market a teacher's work and attract more students. Teachers can leverage their time by creating high-quality teaching videos, allowing them to teach more students in less time. 

When setting out to improve your video production skills, I recommend applying the principle of PRACTICE. It is not enough to read about improving; you need to start producing videos, making mistakes, and improving as you go. I have now uploaded over one thousand videos, and as I look back, I can see how much I have improved. At first, I was embarrassed about the quality of those early videos, but now I see them as a history of my improvement.

I took on a new project this year to help other teachers get better at creating piano performance and tutorial videos. The main reason I took on the project was not that I have too much time on my hands, but because I want to improve my video production skills. I believe that a person learns fastest while teaching others and by doing meaningful projects.

Aaron Garner video production

If you want to improve your video production skills, feel free to join me in this adventure. The project consists of a series of 9 videos that teach the basics of video creation. It is divided into three segments: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced video editing. 

While building this course, I learned that it is important to start simple. The first time I uploaded a video to YouTube, it was quite the project, just learning how to upload videos. It is more streamlined today with the smartphone and sharing capabilities; however, getting your first video up and running is still a great feat. Keep the video recording simple and short because you are learning a lot about the process. As you produce more videos, keep adding simple improvements, and you won’t get overwhelmed. Watch your video and look for ideas to improve. How is the angle of the shot? How is the lighting? How is the sound? Does the performer look good? Then, set out to improve your video one thing at a time.

Let it Be 6 year old playing and singing

As you look for more ways to improve, watch other videos that you find interesting and well done. Try to emulate some of what you like in those videos. Be creative and do new things that you have never seen done before. It can be a very rewarding experience as you are on this journey. 

Below I have included the 9-week course that you are welcome to follow. I cover different types of video editing software, microphones, greenscreen, and video project ideas. In addition, I have included the entire unedited live webinar and an abbreviated version with the main points. I hope you find the course helpful and enjoy your journey.

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