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How to "Piano Marvel" in Under a Minute

Teacher Edition

Want to quickly get setup to use Piano Marvel in your piano classroom or studio? This series will help you effectively setup and run Piano Marvel in no time!


Digital pianos have a variety of connections that you will want to know about. Watch this short video to learn how to connect your digital piano to your computer with the most common setups. For additional information, click HERE.


Setting up a Piano Marvel account for students or for teachers is the same process. Watch this quick guide to see how fast and easy it is to setup your account. 

Okay, this one might be a little longer than a minute! Aaron describes what he likes about the SASR, some features you may have missed, and effective ways to introduce a student to the SASR test.


Join Aaron as he goes over his three favorite steps to easily introduce Piano Marvel into your curriculum and make your teaching more effective than ever. 


If you are learning piano on your own, simply click on the Upgrade button to get Piano Marvel premium. If you are part of a small group, such as a family learning together, you can visit our store to buy a Discount Pack. If you are purchasing Piano Marvel for a studio or school, you qualify for group pricing if you have at least 10 students. Below is our pricing structure for groups.


If you would like to request a quote for a group account of 10+ students, please fill out this form

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