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Helpful Ways You Can Approach Learning a New Song on Piano


Nothing feels better than playing a new song from start to finish. To get there, here are helpful ways you can approach learning a new song on the piano.

When you have chosen a new song to learn, it is as exciting as it is arduous. Even if you are familiar with each note, seeing it as an entire piece is quite intimidating. But don’t give up or lose your focus—you can conquer this song! Here are some helpful ways you can approach learning a new song on the piano.

Listen Closely

Music is a language that sounds completely different when taken off the page. Listen to your chosen song a couple of times in its entirety, paying close attention to every beat and note. It’s helpful to know what the song sounds like so you have something to refer to as you learn. What’s more, you will gain a deeper understanding and familiarity with its cadence, helping you feel less intimidated.

Additionally, consider listening to the song as it sounds when played on a piano if you can find it. Even though the notes are the same, they can sound completely different to your ears when from a different instrument. You don’t want to throw yourself off so this is also a great way to prepare.

Break It Up

If you have ever done a puzzle, you likely worked in segments to finish it; it’s no different with music. When you have new music in front of you, looking at it in its entirety is often overwhelming. However, consider breaking the piece up into sections, as this is one of the most helpful ways you can approach learning a new song on the piano. You can learn each section much faster when you slice your song into increments. Then, before long, you will be able to tie the piece together and play it in full. 

Getting It Right

Most of the hours you spend learning a new piece will be in solitude, which is stressful, especially when you aren’t sure if you’re playing the right notes. How can you know that you are getting it right? 

At Piano Marvel, we have piano learning software that guides you in your learning process. As you practice your new song with us, our app will alert you when you hit the wrong notes. We are that extra set of ears that ensures you are making real progress.

Watch and Learn

Many of us tend to learn the best when we watch someone else. However, that can come as a challenge if you are learning on your own. At Piano Marvel, we took that into consideration and made sure our app has hundreds of video tutorials and/or performances to help guide you along. We want to help you continue your piano study with the best tools and knowledge available. The best part is that you can access these lessons in our app at any time, allowing you to learn whenever you want.

Take a Break

Yes, take a break. Sometimes when you are learning a new song, you can get so frustrated that you want to just quit altogether—even though you know you love piano. That is why you should take small breaks while learning a new piece. Go back and play songs you have mastered to remind yourself that you’ve got this! 

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