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Getting Started: How To Learn the Piano on Your Own

The most exciting part about learning the piano on your own is that you can begin at any age, anytime. Here is your go-to guide on getting started.

Life is anything but easy, and many of us would agree that it is quite hard finding time for ourselves. Whether you have kids, work, school, or all three, you know what it feels like to have something always going on. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, but you can find ways to create a healthy balance that satisfies your interests and lets you continue your responsibilities. If that interest just so happens to be learning the piano, then you are in luck, as this guide will help you start on your own.

Your Piano

If you haven't found your piano yet and don't know where to start, that is okay; we will go through some guidelines to help you find the right one. Firstly, consider how serious or important this hobby is for you— is this something you plan on dedicating time to every day, or only when you have free time? Moreover, what is your budget for the piano? There are many budget-friendly ways to learn the piano.

Reach out to your musically-inclined friends and family to see if they might lend you a keyboard or let you learn on their piano. Moreover, you might be able to rent a keyboard from your local music store, as renting or purchasing a keyboard is a significantly more affordable option than an acoustic piano. If you plan on using an old family piano that has seen better days, the instrument is likely out of tune, and you will need to get that fixed by a professional.

Get Acquainted

When you make the decision to study piano, you might think that the first thing you need to do is find an instructor. In actuality, you don't need to rush to that just yet, especially if you are entirely new to the instrument. Whether you choose to learn on an electric or the family piano, the first thing you want to do is acquaint yourself with the instrument. So, sit down, place your hands on the keys, and have some fun while you are at it. Doing this will build excitement for the journey you are about to embark on.


Already Familiar With the Piano?

Even if you are a little familiar with piano or took some lessons as a kid, it might have been a long while since. As such, no matter your skill level, you should still sit down and get comfortable. Run your hands over the keys and play with various positioning of your hands, arms, and body. Now you are ready to start getting into the basics of learning piano on your own. 

The Basics 

The basics of learning piano involve knowing the notes and their correlating keys, which is something that piano students tend to struggle with. It will always take more time and focus when you begin something new, as there is quite a learning curve. Understandably, it can feel frustrating when learning on your own; after all, how are you to know you're getting the basics right?

Thankfully, there is a way to learn on your own and know with certainty that you are getting everything right with Piano Marvel. Our iPad app has piano lessons for musicians of all ages, skill levels, and time dedications. You can work at your own pace as we teach you the basics and help push you through the slow beginning of learning something new. 

How To Start

When you master the basics of learning piano, you know it is only a matter of time before you move onward and upward. But how can you do that without a structured lesson plan? Our app has everything you need to practice, play, and learn. What's more, you can even test yourself to keep your skills sharp. To make the most out of our app and prepare for assessments, we recommend you follow the Piano Marvel method of Learn, Practice, and Play. 

Watch and Learn

Although a good chunk of learning piano comes from diligent practice and rote memorization, there comes a time when you need to watch and learn. Watching an expert at the keys showing you what to do and how to do it is priceless knowledge many wish they could have when learning piano on their own. We know how important that is, so we made sure our app has a growing database of quality video lessons to help you. The best part about our video lessons is that we made sure they were bite-sized and digestible, so you get what you need in under a minute. 

Practice Makes Perfect

You have likely heard the adage that "Practice makes perfect," and that’s true, as there is no better feeling than watching and hearing yourself improve. Piano Marvel helps you learn a song faster with the practice mode on our app. Once you have chosen the song you want to learn, our practice mode will guide you through playing at your own pace. 

You don't have to worry about looking up and down countless times to ensure you played the right key. Playing the incorrect key in practice mode will light up red and won't continue until you've got it right.

Time To Play

Once you have practiced to your heart's content, you are ready to play the song all the way through. Using our play mode is very similar to playing a piece of music for an instructor. You will play the song, and once finished, you receive an assessment of your accuracy and rhythm. Often when you learn piano on your own, you can feel frustrated, but Piano Marvel works with you, ensuring you’ll never get left behind. 

Sight Reading

A huge aspect of playing the piano is knowing how to read the notes accurately—this is a skill called sight-reading. Sight-reading music is challenging, but learning it will take your playing, proficiency, and skill to the next level. That is why we have also included the Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR) in our app. With nearly 90 levels available, you will never stop striving to achieve your personal best.

Get Started

Learning piano is an incredibly fun and fulfilling hobby to take on, but it takes time, practice, and effort. Finding the time to dedicate to this hobby is certainly difficult, which is why our app can help you learn anywhere, at any time—with zero room for excuses. Piano Marvel makes it easier for you to connect to a hobby you are passionate about in a way that is efficient, useful, and most of all, fun!


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