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The Best of Both Worlds: Easy Piano Songs That Make You Sound Like a Pro

There are many different reasons one might choose a particular piece to learn on the piano. Many times, we find a song that we love to listen to and then seek to learn it so we can hear it whenever we like. Other times, we might choose a piece based on a request from a friend or family member, or as a surprise for someone or a special event. All are perfectly valid reasons, but one aspect not commonly considered is how to choose a piece that is easy to learn, yet sounds really impressive. Everyone should have a few pieces like this in their repertoire to pull out when called upon to play!

There are multiple factors to consider that make a piece easy to learn and master:

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  1. Repeating patterns - If you find a piece that has a lot of the same pattern of notes, even in different octaves or positions on the piano, it will simplify the piece dramatically. One example of this is the Level 4 piece “Carol of the Bells” in Piano Marvel. It has two sets of patterns for the right hand, and two for the left, with one additional section using both hands. It is a Christmas song, but is very popular and isn’t overly simplistic, so you can show off at your holiday gatherings!
  2. Pieces that can be memorized easily/learned by rote - Many times, you will not have the option of sheet music in front of you if you are called upon to show off your musical talents. Likewise, even if you are performing for yourself, you might come across an awesome opportunity to play on a wonderful piano, but, if you do not have any pieces memorized, you miss an opportunity to hear how rich and warm a top-notch piano might sound! One of my favorite pieces to play from memory is actually a duet. The primo part is easy to memorize and fun to play. Check out Aaron Garner’s A Classical Showdown! Here is a video of it being played as a duet: The little boy in the video is the son of a teacher colleague. He learned his part in a few days as the first thing he had ever played on the piano.Aaron Ganer and child playing a piano duet
  3. Simple key signatures - Selecting pieces that have a key signature without many, or any, flats and sharps will make the pieces easier. For beginners, it is sometimes extremely difficult to remember which notes will be flat or sharp all the time, making learning a piece more time consuming and frustrating. As you become familiar with more pieces, it will get easier to “hear” the key and your fingers will automatically search out the correct notes, but to start with, make it easy on yourself.
  4. Music that you love - Try to choose pieces that bring out emotion, that speak to you, or that you feel drawn to. If it runs through your head on a regular basis, it will be that much easier to play as you already have a lot of the rhythm and melody understood. Also, you will be more easily able to add expression, the slight variations on a piece that make it moving, and can take an average piece to something really incredible!

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Learning to play the piano can be difficult, but whatever your motivation to learn, choosing pieces that are fun, easy, and impressive can help immensely! 

Here is a list of a few pieces that can be learned fairly easily and sound great! Start learning these and more for free at!

Carol of the Bells

Satin Gloves

Silver Lit Night


The Last Rose

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