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Best Compact Pianos For Pianists On The Go in 2024

by Aryan Vaidya

In the fast-paced world of music, portability and convenience are becoming increasingly important for musicians, especially for those always on the move. Whether you're a traveling performer or a student shuttling between classes, having a compact piano that doesn't compromise on quality is essential. 

Yamaha PSR-E373 Keyboard

Our journey begins with the Yamaha PSR-E373, a budget-friendly compact keyboard priced at around $200. Despite its affordability, the PSR-E373 doesn't compromise on sound quality or features. This 61-key portable keyboard is perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike.

Key Features of Yamaha PSR-E373:

Table: Yamaha PSR-E373 Specifications

For those looking to start their piano journey, the Yamaha PSR-E373 offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on essential features. Its portability and educational tools make it a suitable choice for beginners.

Roland GO: PIANO 88-Key Digital Piano - $399

Stepping up the price ladder, we have the Roland GO: PIANO, a digital piano offering an authentic playing experience with 88 keys. Priced around $399, this compact piano is designed for those who seek a more advanced instrument without sacrificing portability.

Key Features of Roland GO: PIANO:

Table: Roland GO: PIANO Specifications

For pianists who require a full-size keyboard without compromising on portability, the Roland GO: PIANO stands out as an excellent choice. Its Bluetooth connectivity opens up possibilities for interactive learning, aligning with modern technological trends.

Yamaha P121

Our review continues with the Yamaha P121, a premium compact digital piano priced at around $599. This 73-key instrument combines portability with high-end features, making it an attractive option for serious musicians.

Key Features of Yamaha P121:

Table: Yamaha P121 Specifications

For those who prioritize premium features and are willing to invest a bit more, the Yamaha P121 offers a sophisticated playing experience in a compact form. Its connectivity options make it a versatile choice for musicians involved in recording and production.

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Roland FP-30X

Roland has been a trusted name in the world of musical instruments, and the FP-30X stands as a testament to their commitment to quality. Priced at around $699, this digital piano offers a combination of realistic feel and versatile features.

Key Features of Roland FP-30X:

Table: Roland FP-30X Specifications

For pianists who value a realistic playing experience and seek versatile connectivity options, the Roland FP-30X is a commendable choice at an affordable price point.

Casio Privia PX S1100

Casio's Privia series has been synonymous with quality and innovation, and the PX S1100 is no exception. Priced at $699, this digital piano offers a sleek design and advanced features suitable for various playing styles.

Key Features of Casio Privia PX S1100:

Table: Casio Privia PX S1100 Specifications

The Casio Privia PX S1100 combines elegance with functionality, making it an excellent choice for pianists who appreciate a slim design without compromising on performance. The compatibility with educational apps further enhances its appeal to learners.


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Kawai ES120

Stepping into the premium category, the Kawai ES120 is priced at around $950, offering a sophisticated playing experience for pianists who demand top-tier performance from a compact digital piano.

Key Features of Kawai ES120:

Table: Kawai ES120 Specifications

For those seeking a top-tier compact piano with advanced customization options, the Kawai ES120 delivers an exceptional playing experience. Its lightweight design ensures portability without compromising on premium features.


In this exploration of compact pianos, we've covered a range of models catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you're a beginner looking for an affordable option or an advanced player seeking premium features, the options discussed here offer a diverse array of choices.

As you navigate through the world of compact pianos, it's essential to consider your playing style, preferences, and budget. Each of these pianos brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you find the perfect companion for your piano journey.


Aryan Vaidya is a seasoned pianist and piano teacher with over 8 years of experience, with a strong passion for music production and performing. Alongside his role as a dedicated piano teacher, he is the founder of The Musical Planet, a popular blog that serves as a hub for all sorts of informative posts about piano.
Aryan's expertise lies in digital pianos and piano apps, areas in which he conducts thorough and insightful reviews. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the intricacies of digital instruments, Aryan provides guidance to his readers, ensuring they make informed decisions when selecting the perfect piano to suit their needs.

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