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Benefits of Piano Instruction Software for School Programs




Music is an essential aspect of creating happy experiences for students. Here are the key benefits of piano instruction software for school programs.

Many of us know that art programs in schools constantly lack funding and are the first things they cut from the curriculum. Sustaining arts programs is critically important as it ensures the well-rounded development of our future generations. 

Thankfully, we don't have to throw everything away. In fact, we can adapt. Here are the many benefits of piano instruction software for school programs.

Humans and Music

You have likely noticed that whenever music is on, people are dancing—it comes so second nature to us that it almost seems inherent. Our dynamic relationship with music is nothing new and dates back to the Upper Paleolithic period. It gives one a sentimental feeling to know that our human ancestors filled the world with sounds of their own. From building instruments to making ballads, our ancestors found creation in music. 

Benefits of Music

Music is quite beneficial for children, whether they listen to it or play it. Music can help improve motor and language skills, develop social skills, and build confidence. These aspects are crucial to the overall development of children, and learning piano can further help these benefits flourish.

Learning an Instrument

If you were to look at someone's brain as they learned the piano, you would see various areas firing up excitedly. That is because your brain must work in new and dynamic ways, which helps improve your problem-solving, memory retrieval, and overall brain functioning. Basically, learning how to play the piano is the ultimate mind workout. 

One cannot stress enough just how amazingly beneficial it is for students to learn a musical instrument. How can we ensure students receive the over-encompassing advantages of what learning how to play the piano offers? 


Often, when one practices piano, the diligent eye of an instructor is necessary, as small mistakes often happen that the student will miss while they play. Most schools work with a schedule that dedicates a certain amount of time per subject, which equals about 50 minutes. Moreover, most classrooms aren't small, meaning the student-to-teacher ratios are pretty large.

Piano Instruction Software

With these structures in place, learning an instrument like the piano becomes more difficult—but not impossible. Without the constant supervision of an instructor, students miss out on valuable guidance that helps ensure they are playing every note right. However, our piano instruction software allows teachers to utilize classroom time, streamline the instructing process, and work with students individually.



Piano Marvel

Countless school programs make use of the numerous benefits that come with our piano instruction software program. It flows seamlessly into various colleges, schools, and studios internationally. 

Are you looking for piano teaching apps for iPad? From standard assessments, video lessons, and modes for practice and play, our app has everything you ever need to teach your students. Please keep reading for more information on how our software works seamlessly in the classroom.  

Practice Mode

Practice mode is our highly intuitive program that allows students to practice at their own pace, providing them with invaluable one-on-one instruction. This program helps ensure students are making real progress; here is how this fantastic software works. 

As a student plays through a piece, practice mode will follow along diligently, alerting the student whenever a mistake occurs. We do this by marking correct notes in green and incorrect notes in red. Whenever a student plays a wrong key, the software won't continue until the student plays the right note. Practice mode helps ensure your students know the basics.   

Play Mode

When students practice piano, an instructor will sit beside them and assess how well they played the piece. Unfortunately, classroom instructors don't have the time to provide an in-depth analysis of each student. That is why our software helps streamline this process so instructors can utilize class time towards teaching musicality. Our software allows instructors to administer automatic assessments to their students and receive instant feedback.

Teachers can ascertain where each student is and tailor the lessons individually with this feedback. Once a student has played their piece, play mode provides them with an automatic assessment of their note and rhythm accuracy. Moreover, play mode also gives a score on the student's performance, with awards for higher accuracy. Play mode helps students learn faster and fix common mistakes independently.

Video Lessons

Learning music is a lot like learning a language—you must watch and listen to how the highly trained speak it to absorb it entirely. It is much easier to understand certain aspects of the piano when observing someone else doing it. That is why we also provide over 300 training videos with Piano Marvel songs and lessons for students to learn. 

Don't worry about having to parse through countless videos to find the one you need—tasks or songs with a video will provide a link you can click to watch, right under the song title. Moreover, our video lessons don't waste any time on unnecessary information, as we get straight to the point in less than a minute. Although short, our video lessons provide just what you need to succeed and get right to playing. 

Sight Reading

A student must understand how to read music as it makes it easier for them to learn new pieces much quicker. They will gain a more profound ability to intuitively sense the rhythm, harmony, and melodic tones just by reading the music. However, learning how to sight-read piano music is incredibly difficult, but our software helps mitigate that.


In addition to our video lessons, practice, and play mode, Piano Marvel also helps students learn how to read music with our standard assessment of sight-reading. Our algorithm helps keep track of your scores, and our predictive analytics provide you with individualized selections for you to play after. 

With our 90 levels available, the SASR helps all students, from novice to expert, learn and keep their sight-reading muscles in shape. The SASR challenges students in a fun, interactive, and educational way. Do you think you can beat the top score of 2022? Give it a try. 

Play On

At Piano Marvel, we make it our goal to help students find the joy and passion of playing and learning piano. We work to make it fun, exciting, and easy for everyone to understand. Moreover, our algorithm and predictive models provide a customized learning plan for each student. No one is left out or behind.


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