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AIM Technique: Now In Piano Marvel!


Piano Marvel is very proud to announce that as of November 1st, 2020, we now carry all of the scales in UMTA's AIM Technique. Better yet, this resource is COMPLETELY FREE for those of you that are a UMTA member. To receive your password to access this material, please go to this site. (Notice: you will have to have your MTNA ID and Zip Code ready).

*Please note that, as of now, this resource only contains AIM Technique's scales. We do plan to have the entire AIM curriculum in Piano Marvel once the AIM revision that is currently underway is complete.


Let's highlight some of the key features that are going to help your students learn their scales and other technical exercises better than ever using Piano Marvel:



No matter if you are a Level 1 student learning Tetrachords or a Level 9 Student needing to learn Eb Harmonic Minor harmonized in 6ths, we have you covered. This completely comprehensive resource boasts an impressive 2,880 exercises - and that's just the scales! Once the AIM committee has finished their revisions for the remaining exercises, we will be adding those, as well, for every level.



Prepare mode is essentially a "follow me" mode that will listen to the students play an exercise and wait to move on to the next note(s) after the correct notes are played. This allows the student to get the exercise into their fingers and not waste any time guessing if they are playing the correct notes or not. All of that calculating is being done for them, which frees up their mind to focus on getting the exercise's sound, shape, and feel into their mind. Here's a video that shows Prepare Mode in more detail:




Assess Mode is what will get your students playing their exercises in tempo faster than ever. With the option to have either a background accompaniment or metronome playing, your students will be able to experience playing in time. Just like in the real world - there's no waiting for them once they get started. This will help the students to self diagnose just how well they understand their scales. After an exercise is played in Assess Mode, a percentage score will be given to give students a grade on their performance from 0%-100%. As you can see, this gives students all the material needed to be self-accountable for their learning and gives all of your students a common goal to shoot for. For more information on Assess Mode, please check out this link.



The short answer is: YES (but not yet!). Right now, we are working on developing this technology which will make this possible. If you're interested in learning more about this, please watch the video below where the CEO of Piano Marvel, Aaron Garner, walks through this amazing new feature:


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