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7 Reasons You Should Learn Piano as an Adult

No matter what anyone tells you, you’ll never be too old to learn a new skill like playing the piano. While many begin grasping the musical arts at a young age, our brains have an amazing capability for learning. You can start reading sheet music and memorizing keys with the right resources. If you still feel unsure, read through our list of reasons you should learn piano as an adult—you can become a maestro at any age!

Reason 1: It’s Great for Your Brain

Playing an instrument like the piano forces your brain to test itself for various reasons. First, you’ll need to work on memorization as you study musical scales and learn key placement. In addition to this, you’ll have to learn to read both bass and treble clef notes.

Memorizing notes and how to play them is one thing, but playing a song is another because of the difference in melodies and speeds. As a result, learning a new piece of music requires hand-eye coordination plus memorization. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to learn new songs and increase your level of difficulty.

Pro Tip

When you begin learning to play, using both hands at once may be tricky, and this is a challenge nearly everyone faces. If you encounter this, try learning a song in separate sections, one for each hand. Play the first few notes with your right hand—the treble clef notes—then move on to doing the same with your left hand—the bass clef notes. Then, once you’ve mastered both separately, put them together. Piano Marvel's Learn Mode walks you through minced and chopped sections of each piece in this way, simplifying learning.

Reason 2: It Boosts Self-Esteem

Not much can compare to the satisfaction you experience when you master a new skill. Learning to play any instrument is tricky since you have to train your brain to focus on several things. But of course, after mastering this, you’ll have something new and exciting to share with those in your life. You could even show off this skill at social gatherings by entertaining guests with some lovely music.

Learning to play an instrument is one thing, but watching yourself excel is another confidence booster! If you practice regularly, you’ll get to see yourself climb difficulty levels and learn tricks to playing this classical instrument.

Reason 3: It’s Relaxing

We participate in hobbies because they appeal to our interests and allow us to decompress. As you decrease stress, you can also increase positive emotion by playing your favorite song or something that makes you smile.

The arts have a unique way of lowering our stress levels, possibly because they engage your mind and body. Creativity also helps lessen stress levels because you can think freely, but activities like piano still have some rules; this prevents you from feeling overwhelmed with too many options. Everyone needs a few healthy ways to cope with stress as we leap through life’s hurdles.

A Bonus: It’s Fun

What can be more fun than playing your favorite songs? Piano Marvel offers a unique piano learning software that’ll help you learn. We keep things exciting with many pieces, from popular movies to hits you hear on the radio to classics.

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Reason 4: You’ll Develop an Ear for Music

Although it takes a lot of practice, eventually, you will develop an ear for music and learn to pick up on melodies from hearing songs. And if you’ve always dreamed of writing an original song, this becomes even more beneficial because you’ll learn to understand what notes and chords harmonize and which ones clash.

Reason 5: It’s Great for Joint Health

Playing the piano isn’t just a brain exercise; it’s also great for your joints, specifically those in your wrists and hands. Playing the piano can also help lessen your chances of developing arthritis since you continuously move your fingers. However, if you want to reduce the pain you currently feel, experts advise sticking to simpler songs, as the movement itself helps lessen pain.

Reason 6: It Opens Social Opportunities

Many take up a hobby for the social benefits that come with it. For example, playing the piano gives you a chance to meet new people but also connect with those in your life. If you have kids, you may want to teach them to play alongside you.

You can also expand your social network by connecting with teachers and fellow piano students if you sign up for a class. Also, you’ll socialize with your inner circle anytime you play for them since an audience is essential to getting a bit of feedback on how you play. A listener may notice you play a bit slow when you thought it was on the beat. Everyone benefits from some constructive criticism.

A Bonus: Learning To Accept Criticism

Even the best piano players in the world had people saying they could improve, and in some ways, that’s true because every skill is about growth. The learning process never ends. You’ll learn to filter people’s comments by playing piano for others since there’s no use in things like destructive criticism.

Reason 7: It Sharpens Focus

If you need to improve your ability to focus, then the piano is the perfect opportunity. When you play the piano, you have to fully engage your mind and go into multitasking mode. A song isn’t just about playing the right keys since you also need to focus on melody, pitch, and even the type of note.

A whole note and a half note are not one and the same. Similarly, a C1 sounds different than a C4. We point this out because playing piano requires you to focus on all these areas at once since it’s the harmony of many things that creates a song.

Make Mastering Piano Simple

There are various reasons why you should learn piano as an adult, and starting can feel a little daunting. Buying your first music book and staring at all those notes may even feel overwhelming to some.

Luckily, learning how to read music and teach yourself to play the piano doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. Piano Marvel is a unique software made by professional piano teachers to help people of all ages learn to play this instrument. Leap into the world of music as you begin learning how to play your favorite songs!

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