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7 Reasons You Should Learn Piano as an Adult

If you want to master a new skill, then check out these seven reasons you should learn piano as an adult. Make your next hobby an exciting one!

No matter what anyone tells you, you’ll never be too old to learn a new skill, even a potentially intimidating one like playing the piano. While many begin learning music as children, it is important to know that our brains have an amazing capability for learning at any age. You can start reading sheet music and memorizing keys with the right resources. If you still feel unsure, read through our list of reasons you should learn piano as an adult—you can become a maestro at any time!

Reason 1: It’s Great for Your Brain

Playing an instrument like the piano forces your brain to learn and adapt in a dynamic way that you likely haven’t experienced before. First, you’ll need to work on the basics of piano, such as learning finger numbering, proper hand positioning, and reading music as well. In addition, you’ll familiarize yourself with the piano—you have likely seen one before, but your relationship with the piano evolves as your comfort and knowledge increase.

Memorizing notes and learning how to play them is one thing, but playing a piece with musicality is quite another, as chords, melody, rhythm, tempo, etc. are incorporated.  Learning a new piece of music also requires hand-eye coordination.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes to learn new pieces and play increasingly difficult music.

Pro Tip

When you begin learning to play, using both hands at once may be tricky, and this is a challenge nearly everyone faces. As you learn on your own, you might face the frustration of not knowing if the notes you are playing are accurate, which is where we can help you. At Piano Marvel, we have fine-tuned our piano learning software to help guide you along your journey. When you use our Play Mode, we will alert you whenever you play an incorrect note and provide you with scores and detailed feedback so you can continue improving.

Reason 2: It Boosts Self-Esteem

Learning to play an instrument is one thing, but watching yourself excel can be a confidence booster! If you practice regularly, you will see improvement.  Not much can compare to the satisfaction you can experience when you master a new skill.

Learning to play the piano requires you to train your brain to focus on several things. But of course, after mastering this, you’ll have a new and exciting facet of your life that you can share with friends and family. You could even show off this skill at social gatherings by entertaining guests with some lovely music—what’s better than a sing-along around the piano?

Reason 3: It’s Relaxing

We participate in hobbies because they appeal to our interests and allow us to decompress. Have you ever noticed how you feel so much better after listening to your favorite songs and jamming out? You can achieve the same feeling by playing your favorite song on the piano.  This activity is also a great option because you are physically creating music instead of just listening to it.  The arts have a unique way of lowering our stress levels, possibly because they engage your mind and body. Creativity also helps lessen stress levels because you can think freely.  Everyone needs a few healthy ways to cope with stress as we leap through life’s hurdles.

Reason 4: You’ll Develop an Ear for Music

As you develop your piano-learning skills, you will likely begin to also develop an ear for music and learn to pick up on patterns, melodies, harmonies, etc. from listening to and playing music. And if you’ve always dreamed of writing an original composition, these skills become even more beneficial as you gain the ability to utilize and apply this understanding of music theory to compose music.

Reason 5: It’s Great for Joint Health

Playing the piano isn’t just a brain exercise; it can also great for your joints, specifically those in your wrists and hands. The perpetual movement of your arms, hands and fingers, for example, may have the potential to lessen your chances of developing joint disease such as arthritis. Moreover, as our grip and hand strength tend to diminish as we age, playing the piano can also help keep those fine muscles in the hands and fingers strong. 

Reason 6: It Opens Social Opportunities

Many take up a hobby for the social benefits that come with it. Playing a tune for friends and family is a great opportunity to socialize and get more comfortable with the piano. For example, playing the piano gives you a chance to meet new people and also connect with those in your life. If you have kids, you may want to teach them too; it is a great bonding opportunity and could open up a world of wonder that they’ll want to delve further into. You can also expand your social network by connecting with teachers and fellow piano students if you sign up for a class.

A Bonus: Learning To Accept Criticism

With piano, opportunities for growth always exist at every skill level.  Even the best piano players in the world have areas in which they can constantly improve.  The learning process never ends—that’s half the fun of playing the piano! Being open to receiving feedback from an instructor or even an audience may help you improve and perfect your piano-playing skills. Everyone benefits from some constructive criticism.

Reason 7: It Sharpens Focus

If you need to improve your ability to focus, then the piano is the perfect opportunity to do so. When you play the piano, you have to fully engage your mind and go into multi-tasking mode.  It’s not just about playing the right keys—it’s also about focusing simultaneously on rhythm, tempo, key signatures, etc.

This information can seem intimidating, but when you use Piano Marvel, we simplify the learning process, making it fun as you learn the dynamic building blocks of the piano.

Make Mastering Piano Simple

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should learn piano as an adult, and the best part is that you can have access to resources that can make it as fun and engaging as possible.  Piano Marvel is a unique software made by professional piano teachers to help people of all ages learn to play this instrument. Leap into the world of music as you begin learning how to play your favorite music!

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