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About Us

What is Piano Marvel?

Piano Marvel is an online piano teaching and assessment software that can be used with or without a private piano teacher. There are great tools for teachers to track each of their students practice times and progress with practice logs, which can be emailed to students’ parents, grandparents, etc.. Students play along with the computer and receive scores that earn them bronze, silver, and gold trophies, which are placed into their own virtual trophy case. Immediate feedback is given, so that students know exactly how to improve their performance. Correct notes turn green while wrong notes turn red and show whether a note was played late, early, or in the wrong key. There are two trophy cases; one for the Piano Marvel Method and the other for technique exercises. The innovative design of this piano keyboard software makes Piano Marvel the number one choice among parents, piano teachers and universities.

What do you need to use Piano Marvel?

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How was Piano Marvel created?

Piano Marvel was born March 26, 2009 after it’s creator, Aaron Garner, spent years of developing and composing the Piano Marvel teaching method and testing it out on his private piano students. His dream was to make it possible for everyone to be music literate and to make learning to play the piano more fun. After watching the younger generation and their fixation with computers, technology, and video games, Aaron wanted to tap into their virtual world and help them to use this media for a constructive, mentally stimulating purpose. Teaching them to read music and to play the piano while letting youngsters think that they are just having fun is truly inspired! They love it and adults love it too. Thanks to a small and generous group of investors who believed in the idea and a talented group of software developers who were excited to do something that had never been done before, Piano Marvel was born.

Aaron graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the University of Southern Colorado in 1998. He went on to earn his Master’s degree in piano performance and pedagogy in 2000 from the University of Northern Colorado, where he nearly completed his Doctorate when he felt an urgency to get Piano Marvel off the ground.

While at UNC, Aaron was blessed with the opportunity to teach Class Piano for 5 years on a teaching assistantship where he saw a real need to teach the music majors, who were all at different levels, at their own individual paces. Aaron has since found a passion for teaching music at the elementary school level and has enjoyed teaching private piano lessons for over fourteen years. The elementary school that he taught at and his private studio have proven invaluable to the realization of creating Piano Marvel. A special thanks to all those who helped make this dream a reality.