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AIM Technique

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Individual Rank

Name Levels Completed Total Points
Josh M. 11 63,100
Melinda B. 11 63,088
Cheryl R. 11 63,082
Heather . 11 62,737
Jeffrey G. 7 37,300
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Group Rank

Name Levels Completed Total Points
Melinda B. 37 180,454
Patrice H. 34 149,511
Mary G. 25 96,058
Cheryl R. 17 96,992
Cindy H. 10 55,555
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Piano Marvel has partnered with Utah Music Teachers Association to provide a way to help UMTA members and their students prepare for the AIM Technique exams. Students should ask their teacher to provide the access password. For more information about accessing your password please visit


Login to your Piano Marvel account, go to the Library and do a title search for AIM Technique. Open the collection called AIM Technique and enter your password. Find your desired level, open an exercise, and press the Play button.


If you would like to work interactively with the AIM Technique you will need a MIDI enabled keyboard connected to a device (computer or iPad), and an internet connection.