Piano Marvel is an incredible resource for improving sight reading, but it is so much more than that. It challenges students in a motivating and interactive environment by assessing your current level and helping you set achievable and realistic goals. Beyond that, regular contests hosted by Piano Marvel give students a chance to compete no matter what level they are at in their studies. Many of my private students have greatly benefited from using this affordable software.
Dr. Joshua Wright
University of Utah piano faculty, Founder of ProPractice Piano Academy and Josh Wright Piano TV
Piano Marvel has been the perfect recital tool to help my students learn, practice, and perfect their performance pieces. I also use it regularly to upload my own arrangements and students love it! I know for certain without Piano Marvel’s unique features that this level of success (and fun!) would not be possible.
Nina Martinez
Piano & Music Theory Instructor
Piano Marvel has been a godsend for my group piano classes at BYU. My students love being able to track their own progress and receive instant feedback on their work. It’s also freed up tremendous amounts of time I would otherwise spend grading, allowing me to focus on the musical aspects of my students’ education.
Dr. Jared Pierce
Coordinator of Group Piano Studies, BYU
Piano Marvel is a powerful piano lesson tool for both students and educators. There are hundreds of lessons that break piano playing down into fun, learnable segments that don't overwhelm students.
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I am currently using both the online training with an electric keyboard as well as the printed books with my acoustic piano to learn to play with weighted keys, which my electric keyboard doesn’t have. I like working with the Technique and Method books “offline” to get a more relaxed practice. A big thanks to Piano Marvel for making the books available for students to print out. It’s very generous of you. I will be renewing my subscription for many years to come.
Jerry Jerome

The app is fantastic, and I really like being able to connect to my keyboard. The exercises are divided up well, monitoring, allowing me to set my practice minutes goals, and each section is just the right challenge and pace.

The real hook that often keeps me going are the periodical specials ... weekly songs (the library is amazing) ... the Christmas songs ... even the “string of practice” days.

I attribute Piano Marvel for so much of my focus!

Randy Gardner
Austin, TX

After some web research including asking recommendations from different Facebook groups related to learning piano, it was clear to me that Piano Marvel came out as the favorite. I have tried a few other apps, but I thought they were too quick and too much like a video game.

I absolutely love Piano Marvel, it is the perfect app for learning Piano in my opinion. It is a good value for the money too. Of course there is always space for improvement, but the team at Piano Marvel are actively and constantly working on improving the overall experience by listening to the people that are using the app to learn.

Fulvio Pozzoni
Milan, Italy

I've been using Piano Marvel for two years and I believe it's a great tool which has helped me to teach my students in a fun and modern way. I don't use "assess mode" because I like to play with my acoustic piano and because I am very Low Tech, but Piano Marvel is friendly to understand. I like to conduct my classes using Piano Marvel with the old way of teaching. Kids have fun.

This year I had a problem using Piano Marvel and I had a very nice experience through the chat in Piano Marvel’s Facebook Messenger with a woman named Heidi, from the support team. She was very patient as she helped me with my problem until it was solved. I really recommend this program. I love it.

Miriam Said
Piano Teacher

Piano Marvel is a great melding of 21st century technology and classical piano teaching methodology. After only five months of using Piano Marvel with no prior experience, I am thrilled with how quickly I have learned to play. I can play the piano! Here is a video of my ability after only five months.

Chris Ledbetter