What Makes a Great Piano Learning App?
There are many piano teaching apps out there. This article discusses the main features you should look for. Piano Marvel has all of these features and more.
What Does It Mean To "Learn Piano"?
Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, Theory, Sight-Reading... What does "learning the piano" really look like?
Creating Student Videos
Learn why it is important to include video projects in today's piano studio.
Setting SMART Goals for Piano
Setting SMART goals is the best way to ensure that you are successful in achieving your goals. Read this article to learn more about what SMART goals are, and get some tips on how to stick with it!
Easy Piano Songs
Piano Marvel makes it simple to finding easy piano songs to learn. The best part is that even though the easier songs contain fewer notes the accompaniment is more complicated and fun. It helps the begining piano student, young or old, feel like they are playing someting with more substance and it is more fun!
Learn Piano Music Online
Learning to play the piano online is quickly becoming popular and for a good reason. The convenience of having access to almost limitless music, coupled with Piano Marvel's powerful piano learning platform, makes learning to play piano online the obvious choice!
What Is My Piano Skill Level?
Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Have you ever wondered what skill level you were? Here's a nifty little guide that will help you figure that out.