Piano Marvel Teacher Conference 2023

Friday, June 16th, and Saturday, June 17th at Daynes Music in Midvale, UT

Registration fee: $150



Performance and Presentation by Josh Wright

Performance and Presentation by Truman Brothers

Aaron Garner: What's New in Piano Marvel

Evelyn Billberg: Building Your Own Course in Piano Marvel

Cami Davis: Successfully Teaching Online Lessons

Jodie Carter: Group Games to Engage Students in Musical Theory

Christopher Blackmon, Emmy Award Winner: Composition in Your Studio - Experience It First Hand

Heidi Garner: Behavioral Change - Help Your Students Create Lifelong Practice Habits

Valerie Kasmir: Teaching Parents How To Get Involved

Hotel Accommodations: Crystal Inn $98 per night

Code: PM623

Each attendee will receive a gift bag including a Piano Marvel t-shirt.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these and other excellent teachers, network with the Piano Marvel teacher community, and create unforgettable memories alongside your colleagues.