Build 1.3.1

  • Add support to set practice goals and take practice time
  • Add support for Twitter and Facebook posting

Build 1.3

  • Fixed issue of no accompaniment being heard after installing java 6 update 32 or higher on PC
  • Fixed issue of no assessment being given after installing java 6 update 32 or higher on PC
  • Added support for OSX 10.7 and 10.8
  • Improved metronome timing
  • Updated support link in help menu
  • Added instructions and video to help troubleshoot MIDI connection

Build 2083

  • Added support for Guitar Lessons
  • Added support for Bass Lessons
  • Added support for Drum Lessons
  • Greater Performance and Stability Enhancements
  • Improved MIDI Support
  • Support for Windows 7 and Snow Leopard
  • More Flexible Grade Reporting
  • Added Request and Error Reporting Feature
  • Added Repertoire Pieces for Guitar, Bass and Drums

Build 1910

  • Fixed a timing issue that occured on pieces with a pick-up measure (like Eccosaise in Method 6A). The metronome and the cursor would be off nearly a half-beat prior to this fix.
  • Mac Leopard users should now only see one icon in their dock for Piano Marvel instead of two.

Build 1898

  • Fixed an error which causes the play and stop buttons to be disabled upon logging into the application and going to the Play Interface.
  • Closing the Main Application Window will also close all other windows that happen to be open.
  • If the connection with the server times out, a window will appear which asks the user to re-authenticate.
  • Metronome Windows no longer show up in the Taskbar on Windows. This made things look cluttered when a million windows would open and close upon logging into the application.
  • The count-in blue bar no longer flashes between the last count and right before it plays.

Build 1871

  • Fixed a critical bug affecting Mac versions of the software where a piece would not play correctly and if the application was restarted, it wouldn't start because it was already running.
  • Fixed a critical bug affecting both PC and Mac versions of the software where an error message would appear saying "The application has lost connection with the MIDI keyboard due to inactivity and must be restarted." When the application was restarted, it wouldn't start because it was already running.
  • Fixed an issue where teachers with many students would report extremely slow login times.
  • Allowed Memorization slicing type to show up in the Repertoire section.
  • Altered the timing of the metronome on the PC because it was running a little ahead of the accompaniment and cursor.
  • Added a pop-up window to remind users when they attempt to play a piece that their keyboard is not configured if that happens to be the case.
  • Added a notice to users that tells them when their session has expired due to inactivity and redirects them to the login screen to re-authenticate.

Build 1834

  • Fixed a bug that marked played notes a little earlier than they should have been played which lead to some inaccurate scoring on the PC.
  • Added Method and Technique at-a-glance trophies to the Students tab so that they teachers can quickly see the progress of their students through the lesson curriculum.
  • Fixed a bug where minimizing or maximizing the window while the Students tab was opened would cause the folder to dissapear temporarily.

Build 1757

  • Fixed timing issues on Mac OS X dealing with the accompaniment sometimes being off from the metronome and cursor.
  • Fixed an issue where Method and Technique trophies were sometimes showing incorrect values
  • Fixed an issue where Repertoire Piece information would still be displayed if the last piece in the Repertoire Safe was deleted.
  • Added support for a new Repertoire Slicing Type called: Memorization.

Build 1547

  • Fixed some timing issues that occurred on slower machines when playing complex pieces at fast tempos.
  • Fixed a bug dealing with discrepancies in Practice Reports.
  • Made the Metronome ticking more robust and accurate. This also resolves issues that caused the metronome to miss ticks at random times.
  • Took steps towards better synchronization between the accompaniment, the metronome, and the cursor when a piece is played
  • Added additional info to the Play Interface so that the exercise title shows the type of cabinet and lesson number the user is playing.
  • Fixed a bug in the PC version that was not remembering the keyboard configuration
  • Added a new count-in feature that has 6/8 count-in with metronome ticks on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th beats instead of voice counting.
  • For new installations of Piano Marvel, the accompaniment in the Play Interface will be checked by default
  • In the Repertoire section when a piece is completed at a fast tempo, the score no longer trickles down to slower tempi.
  • Fixed an freezing issue in the Mac version that occured when trying to add a new piece to repertoire.

Build 1190

  • Changed the vertical spacing properties between systems to have a minimum distance and prevented system overlap during play.
  • Fixed a bug where switching from a teacher to a student and back caused issues depending on what view the user is in.
  • Fixed another issue where the "Discard Changes" pop up would appear for no reason.
  • Piano Marvel now remembers where it was opened and closed so the next time the application starts up, it will maximize to the correct screen (in the case of multiple monitors).
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a teacher logs in as a student and attempts to add repertoire.

Build 1185

  • In the Play Interface, whenever a piece is completed, the metronome no longer pops up notifying the user that a Progess Report is being logged.
  • Added a new Page Break for the Play Interface that is scalable and smaller than it used to be to avoid covering notation.
  • All error dialogs are now able to be dismissed by pressing the enter or the spacebar key.
  • Fixed a bug with the autocomplete input on the Login page that occurred if the user typed the first characters of their username. At this point username options would be suggested in a dropdown, but if the user pressed enter to select an option, the form would also be submitted and a login attempt would follow. Now when a user presses enter when the autocomplete input suggests possible usernames, the form is not submitted.
  • Fixed some problems when a teacher tried to log in as a student when the teacher was in the Profile tab, Students tab, Repertoire tab, or the Play Interface. Now when the teacher logs in as a student, they will automatically be brought to the Method Lesson view from whatever view they were in previously.
  • Removed some extra space on the right and left side of the Music Canvas to allot more room for notation to be displayed.
  • Fixed some issues where a pop up asking if the user wanted to discard changes was showing in other places besides the Profile tab.

Build 1176

  • Added a "Weekly Progress Reports" section in the Teacher Profile section which allows student reports to be emailed to multiple email addresses on specified days.
  • Fixed a bug where combo boxes and buttons would occasionally flicker when the application was maximized and then shrunk to a smaller size.
  • Fixed a notation issue with tie placement. In certain cases, they would curve in the wrong direction (ex. Technique 3e, Level 11a).
  • Granted the ability to change vertical spacing between the top of the MusicDisplay and the first system as well as between systems. Making these changes in Finale will should fix the bug in Technique 4b No. 14.
  • Fixed a bug where a treble clef change was not showing in Ballade (repertoire) for the last two measures.
  • Fixed a bug where dynamics were being placed on the far left or right of the piece (ex. repertoire: March in D).
  • Placed the left hand fingerings closer to the left hand notes. This change is only reflected for default fingering placements in MusicXML.

Build 1154

  • Fixed a bug dealing with scoring transitions after a piece was playing. If the user played a piece and got a higher score which happened to increase their trophy for the lesson from silver to gold and then played the piece again, an incorrect transition would show and the app would freeze.
  • Fixed a bug where pick-up measures were not working properly and were lagging behind the accompaniment.
  • Fixed an error with fingering positioning. A default positioning was incorrectly applied to a few fingering groups (more than one fingering at a time) in the right hand, causing them to be further from the staff than they should be.
  • Fixed a bug in Technique 2E No. 8 and 9 where an extra Clef and Time Signature were being added to the piece.
  • Added a "Create Desktop Shortcut" to the installer.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Method 4C No. 11 from rendering.

Build 1143

  • Fixed a bug where Repertoire Exercises were not showing when the user changed the slicing from whole to chopped and then back to whole before playing.
  • Fixed an issue where the user wasn't allowed to click on a note in the Play Interface to see the tooltip because the controls would pop up and not allow for clicking underneath them. Fixed this by adding some extra space below each piece so it is not impossible to click on the notes in the last line of the piece.
  • Gave all the alerts that pop up with the metronome timers, so that if a call is not coming back from the server, the metronome will not stay permanently on the user's screen. Instead, each call will timeout after 10 seconds and the metronome will go away so the user can close the application.
  • Made the student's folder smoother and less jagged.
  • Fixed an issue where some fingerings would not show in certain pieces (see Method 5a No. 4 in measure 1, beats 2 and 4).
  • Fixed an issue where some dynamics where crashing into fingerings if we were using a default fingering placement.
  • Added sparks animations to the cabinet. This means that when a user earns a new lesson trophy, sparks will shoot out of the trophy and bounce inside of the cabinet. Also did the same spark animation for new stars at the top of the cabinet after they are earned.
  • Fixed a bug where cross-staff notation was causing timing issues (see Technique 4b No 1,2,3 for example).
  • Fixed a bug where scores were calculated incorrectly for cross-staff pieces (see Technique 4b No 1,2,3 or Technique 5b No 1,2,3 for example).
  • Restored the "Login as student" functionality.