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Group Piano Certification

This course is specifically for teachers interested in teaching group piano lessons with Piano Marvel. This course assumes that you've already completed the Basic Teacher Certification Course or that you are already comfortable with the basic features of Piano Marvel. We will teach you how to use Piano Marvel to give you one-on-one time with individual students while the others progress rapidly at their own pace. We'll also cover motivational tactics, creating synergy in groups, and games and activities that allow your students to thrive and have fun in lessons. In short, we'll give you some amazing resources to teach the best group piano lessons possible.

Course Content


Meet Your Instructor

Getting Started

Setting Up Your Lab
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In-Class Tools

Earning Stars
Teach a Performance Piece
The Master Class
SASR & Technique
Motivation & Recital Prep

Additional Resources

Piano Marvel Teacher Community
Create Your Own Curriculum
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