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Christmas Challenge 2019

Learn a Christmas Song by January 1, 2020 for a chance to win an iPad!

Individual Rank

Rank Name Christmas Songs Perfected
1 Benjamin B. 570
2 Amy R. 564
3 Lorri D. 456
4 Alan C. 430
5 Marylan H. 352
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Group Rank

Rank Name Christmas Songs Perfected
1 Lorri D. 2,070
2 Allysia V. 1,185
3 Joshua W. 1,117
4 Cindy W. 818
5 Lynda B. 791
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  1. Login to your Piano Marvel account
  2. Go to the library and do a title search for "Christmas"
  3. Choose a Christmas song, select a slicing (whole, chopped or minced) and complete every star with a 100% in that slicing. *Hint - each slicing counts as a separate entry so if you get a perfect score on the whole, you can get another entry for a perfect score on the chopped and minced.
  4. Perfect as many Christmas Songs as you can by January 1, 2020. Have fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What songs qualify for the Christmas Challenge 2019?

Any song that comes up in the library when you do a title search for “Christmas” qualifies.

What if I already perfected a song in the past, does it qualify for the drawing?

Yes! If you perfected a song in the past and you perfect it again it will count for this year’s contest.

Are the entries all weighted the same or do I get more entries for higher level songs?

All songs are weighted the same. This keeps the playing field fair for our beginning students and our accomplished pianists.

Is there a limit to how many songs I can complete?

You are only limited by how many Christmas songs are in the library, but we’re adding more all the time! Good luck catching us!

Which songs do you recommend starting with for a beginner?

We have lots of level 1 and 2 songs that are easy to learn, but have fun accompaniments. Check out “Christmas Piano Solos”, and “More Christmas Piano Solos” by Hal Leonard. Also look at Alfred’s “Christmas Premier Piano Course”. “Christmas Solos” and “Christmas Duets” are great too.

Does any gold trophy qualify as an entry?

It only qualifies if it is completed with a 100% score.

How do I keep track of the Christmas songs I’ve perfected?

You can view all of your perfected Christmas songs in the entries tab on your Christmas 2019 Challenge Rank report.

We've added more Christmas music to the library, and just in time!

Check Out Some of the Christmas Collections Available!

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