Become a Distributor


What is a distributor?

A distributor is someone who helps Piano Marvel show others the value of the software and assists them in getting started.

How much would I get paid?

The distributor will receive a residual income of $2 per month per subscriber for as long as the student continues the subscription. Piano Marvel also gives the distributor a $1,000 bonus for every 100 active subscribers they have signed up.

How does Piano Marvel link the subscriber to the distributor?

Each distributor will be given a promotional code. Make sure the subscriber uses your promotional code because it gives him/her a $3 discount per month and will link the subscriber to you as the distributor.

How can Piano Marvel help me become a more effective distributor?

  1. Piano Marvel gives you a list of helpful tips for effective ways to approach different groups.
  2. Piano Marvel has designed brochures and business cards that you can personalize with your contact information and promotional code. You can order these marketing materials through Piano Marvel’s website.
  3. Piano Marvel provides you with free training videos to help you with effective ways to share the software with others.

What markets are interested in Piano Marvel?

  1. Universities with a music degree have piano proficiency classes. Piano Marvel will meet the national standards for preparing students to pass their piano proficiency exams.
  2. Online schools are always looking for better ways to implement music into their curriculum.
  3. Churches focus on helping people develop their musical abilities for worship.
  4. Most piano teachers are looking for new materials to teach ear training, sight-reading, rhythm training and are looking for ways to motivate students to practice more.
  5. Anybody wanting to learn the piano or wanting their children to learn piano will find that this is a self-guided course with the video lessons and assessment they need to learn to play the piano and prepare them for a more serious study with a piano teacher.

How do I become a distributor?

It is simple to become a distributor for Piano Marvel. Contact us by email or phone to let us know you are interested in becoming a distributor and we will get you started.

Phone: 866.680.1290