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How Piano Marvel is paving the way for a revolution in piano education - 08/12/2014
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Printed music has developed into an amazing method of teaching, sharing, and creating music over hundreds of years of development. Like many great things from our past however, print music may be going the way of the dinosaurs. In this digital age of portable electronics and easy access to the internet, more and more people are viewing and purchasing their "Sheet Music" digitally. It may be only a matter of time before all of the songs students learn and play are not printed on paper, but rendered on a screen.

The Unforeseen Advantages of Going Digital

Computers have made finding and learning new music a bit different but in some very good ways. As the Piano Marvel team was designing the piano software architecture, we found that there were many hidden advantages to showing and learning music on a computer screen. These benefits were not immediately obvious to us, but after years of refining and testing with hundreds of students, we found that they were learning to play songs much faster than they did with ordinary sheet music. We believe that there are many reasons for this but here we will discuss the most impactful factors to answer why this is the case.

Organization: It might seem silly, but students often waste practice time looking for their sheet music. Piano Marvel is organized in a simple way that allows the students to easily find and bookmark music that they are looking for.

Instant Feedback: When students practice from print music, they often make and practice those mistakes over and over. It's usually not until a teacher points out the mistake that the student goes back to correct. By that point, they have already made a bad habit and they struggle to correct it. The instant feedback that piano software provide eliminates this "three steps foreword, two steps back" learning style that most musicians struggle through. Piano Marvel shows students all of their note and rhythm mistakes right away making it easy to avoid practicing bad habits. This makes each and every practice session much more effective.

Increased Motivation: Probably the most important factor in student progress is motivation. The interactive nature of Piano Marvel makes learning to play the piano fun and challenging at the same time.

Progress Tracking: A big part of what motivates students who use the software is having their progress tracked and updated instantly. Having easy to understand levels, benchmarks, and goals allows to student to gain an accurate picture of what they have learned and where they need to improve. This becomes incredibly valuable for gaining perspective on just how many exciting things there are to learn in music.

Accountability: Many people struggle to learn an instrument if they have no teacher. They may practice regularly for a while and have lots of fun, but it's very common for individuals to give up after a few months. One of the major reasons for this is lack of accountability. Piano Marvel is the only piano education software that allows students to have automated personal reports and goals, as well as teacher reports. Personal reports and goals can help individuals hold more accountability to themselves. Practice minute goals are easy to set up and you can see your minutes "tally" climb higher toward your goal every time you practice.

There are other advantages to reading music on software like Piano Marvel over sheet music. For example our studies have shown that students who regularly practice with Piano Marvel spend much more time looking at the music notation than students who only practice from print music. Though there will always be a place for print piano music in the foreseeable future, the transition you make from print to digital tools is likely to be sooner than you think.